21Dec, 2017

Brand X Movie , a Collaboration to Make an Interesting Publicity

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the most anticipated movie in 2017 was launched on December 13, 2017. Some brands also enliven and celebrate the launch of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Lenovo unveiled Star Wars Special Edition called Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, Star Wars’ newest augmented reality product that lets the fans to experience Star Wars in a new way with the Mirage AR, Beacon Controller, and Lightsaber, which are compatible with Android and iPhone. The device can be enjoyed to play the games of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Edition. Through this Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, users can directly experience as the characters in the Star Wars Movie.

Besides the collaboration between Lenovo with Star Wars, Gojek was also collaborate with Star Wars in enlivening the enthusiasm of Star Wars fans in Indonesia. Since December 6th, GO-Jek has provided an opportunity for its users to experience the excitement of the launch of Star Wars with an all-in-one experience for its fans, such as GO-Jek’s driver wear pilot-style “The Resistance” uniforms, the implementation of Star Wars theme in the GO-Jek Application, and provide official attribute of GO-Jek X Star Wars: The Last Jedi on GO-Points and GO-Tix.

Brand X Movies collaboration was also conducted by McDonald (McD) that has been globally collaborating with Universal Studio in integrating its movie with their marketing plan. There are variety products from McD’s collaboration was quite popular, especially when its launched Despicable Me Edition with the theme of ‘Time to go Bananas!’ and Smurf Edition by bringing ice cream with blue sea salt flavor that is identical with Smurf concept.

Thomas Franky, Managing Director of Fortune PR has explained that the collaboration between brands and movies occurred since few years ago and it is not unfamiliar. Brand collaborations or partnerships can be a superior invesment for the brand and it can be executed maximally with the proper strategy. In the case of collaboration between Go-Jek and Star Wars, it is a form of strategic marketing and brand association, which can enhance the user experiences. It also able to maximize as well as more agreesive in terms of publication.

The challenge that we could find these days is about integrating a brand into a movie. The promotion is also another challenge as it should fit the story by using product placement or product integration. Furthermore, while implementing innovations in collaboration, we should resemble the package properly and well-published. The packaging, visual and the way to deliver the messages will be the factors that should be considered in each publication. Additionally, some collaborations are created and packaged by implementing the atmosphere of the films without changing the product positioning of the product as well as the film.

Image Source : lenovo.com

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