22Dec, 2017

#IndonesiaBicaraBaik Encourage Citizen to be Public Relations Agent for Indonesia

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#IndonesiaBicaraBaik is a campaign that encourages Indonesian to start talking good about Indonesia. This movement is initiated and voalcized by Public Relations Association of Indonesia (Perhumas Indonesia) in National Confession of Public Relations (KNH) 2017. Agung Laksamana, Chairman of Perhumas Indonesia explained that #IndonesiaBicaraBaik was an invitation to generate the role of spokeperson should be the responsibility of every Indonesian citizen. Agung Laksamana further explained, “We, as a Public Relations practitioners, should speak good about Indonesia continuously. As a representative, we must be proud of Indonesia as the land where we were born and raised. It is our tasks to teach the next generations of our beautiful country.”

As quoted from indonesiamediacenter.com #IndonesiaBicaraBaik encourages Indonesian to participate in spreading nationalism, both in spirit and optimism, which include informing positive news about the nation such as culture, creativity, and the unity in diversity of Indonesia. Therefore, as a public relations person for Indonesia, every citizen should commit in socializing the beauty of Indonesia, as well as developing and expanding the relations amongst its citizens. The communication ethics in national level for Indonesians would be highly relevant with the realization of #IndonesiaBicaraBaik.

Lusida Sinaga, a Public Relations of Fortune PR explained that through #IndonesiaBicaraBaik movement, Public Relations practitioners can take their role as the driving force to encourage people to always spread positive messages that are related with nationality, unity, harmony, passion, innovation, new ideas, creative campaigns in the organization or communication programs for the community. It can be initiated and carried out within the scope of the organization or institution they are representing.


#IndonesiaBicaraBaik movement is crucial these days. In the midst of the situation of The World and The Nation that has been plagued by many negative issues and provocations. Indonesian citizens must be able to behave and speak kindly, inspires others to move forward and became a creative person.


Lusida Sinaga also pointed, if #IndonesiaBicaraBaik movement can be applied with earnest and high commitment from both all levels of Indonesian citizen or Public Relations people, the movement can be a concrete step to help the Nation Branding of Indonesia. Through this movement, Indonesian spread positive news and bring the spirit of country development. Good news will be more exposed than negative news that invites provocation.

Image Source : Perhumas.or.id

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