10Sep, 2014

Be Your Client’s “Second Wife”!

RelationClientsMost of the time what our clients are looking for is not only what we have delivered technically, such as creativity, product or service but they also search for a good relationship and chemistry with us as their partners. As clients they need someone who can understand their unique needs and behavior. This understanding is important for both parties to create the synergy in creative creation process. So if you want to win the business, you need to win the heart first. We need to understand what they need and their work methods so we can always keep up with their expectation. 

Winning the heart would be simple for those who understand how to build good relationship with people. Most of the time, it’s the small things that matter, like punctuality, attention to details, or a get-well-soon card. 

To keep it simple, to win our clients’ hearts, we need to be:


Professionals are never late. Always prompt.

Professionals are never slow on follow up. They are fast.

Professionals are not dumb. They are smart.

Professionals are fighter. They are not quitters 

Professionals have integrity and commitment.

Professionals never make excuses.

Professionals love to do the impossible.

Professionals know what they are doing or selling.

Professionals are good business developers.

Professionals are efficient and effective maximized.

Professionals are concerned about quality control 

Professionals are professional. They are not messengers. 


Consultants know everything, down to the details.

It started (of course) with what integrated communications is all about, what is Marketing, the client’s business, the economy (Micro and Macro) plus all in the IPOLEKSOSBUD scope.

It goes down to the media rate, color separation process, sizes, supplier list etc.

Consultants are always ready at any time. 

They are available at a given moment.

Consultants don’t give answers such as “I don’t know, I ……. etc ”. 

A good consultant never serves as order takers, they full of initiative. 

A Partner

Partners always share their views, analysis, and opinion. 

Partners would like to see their counterpart as partners too.

A Marketing Intelligence

Intelligence would always find ways to get information.

Intelligence would always analyze information and recommend something based on his analysis to the client.

Intelligence would always be informative.

A Friend

Friends are good listeners. They listen to any problem (Family, office, girls etc.).

Friends would always help each other to succeed in many aspects of life.

Friends bring out the best out of their friends.

Friends are always there when their friends need them.

If we can be professionals in doing our jobs, taking part as consultants, as well as partners that grow together, informative marketing intelligence agents and also as friends that helps and listen, we can be categorizes as an excellence client service. Even thought it’s not as easy as it’s said but if we always practice and learn continuously we would deliver the best. That’s what I meant as “a client’s second wife.”


Picture Source: http://www.matternow.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/RelationClients.jpg

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