28Jul, 2015

Hong Kong + Indonesian Fashion Meet at “Batik Crossover”

“In Style • Hong Kong” Fuses Indonesian Craft with Hong Kong Design

28 July 2015 – “In Style • Hong Kong”, a large-scale promotion organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), is coming to Jakarta 14-20 September 2015. The promotion will showcase a range of Hong Kong lifestyle products as well as business services to Indonesian entrepreneurs and consumers.
The innovative “Batik Crossover” display is a highlight of the week-long “In Style • Hong Kong” promotion, which also includes a product expo for trade buyers at the Jakarta Convention Center 17-19 September 2015, a citywide retail and gourmet promotion at venues across Jakarta for consumers and a symposium with various business networking activities as well as a high-level Gala Dinner for Indonesian businesses. Symbol of Collaboration Six collections by renowned Hong Kong designers will feature in “Batik Crossover”, with works created from the traditional Indonesian fabric. The designs by Lulu Cheung, Walter Kong with Jessica Lau, Walter Ma, Aries Sin, Harrison Wong and Cecilia Yau will be unveiled at the Fashion Hong Kong catwalk show during the Gala Dinner (by-invitation only) on 17 September, before going on public display at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town.


Contemporary fashion at the HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer in July 2015

Kerajinan Indonesia: contoh rancangan batik akan ditampilkan dalam pertunjukan “Batik Crossover”

Indonesian craft: examples of batik designs to be showcased during the “Batik Crossover” display

“Batik Crossover’ is about combining a fine Indonesian craft with Hong Kong fashion design talent, symbolising the ‘In Style • Hong Kong’ theme of style, creativity, and collaboration between Indonesia and Hong Kong. We believe this initiative would be inspirational to Indonesian consumers,” said HKTDC Director of Product Promotion, Stephen Liang.

Lulu Cheung – Indonesian Roots

Lulu Cheung (Womenswear) www.lulucheung.com.hk

Bandung-born Hong Kong fashion designer Lulu Cheung’s love of batik dates back to her early childhood, when she wore casual clothing made from the material. Today, the renowned designer’s bond with the fabric is being rekindled through her “Batik Crossover” collection. “This is my first try at batik design. I will mix Hong Kong and Indonesian fashion cultures to create a contemporary look. I hope I can also give the cloth a new, impactful look,” said Ms Cheung, who, at the age of five, moved to Hong Kong with her family. “I’ve long been fascinated with batik, even keeping two batik moulds for many years as art pieces.
“Batik is one of the core elements of Indonesian art and culture. The printing and colour represent part of the country’s culture and contemporary arts trends. In the past, the most natural dyes and colours and the most original methods were used to make the patterns. My mum told us batik colours would never fade.”
Ms Cheung designs a wide range of womenswear, from casual to formal wear, Her clients include Hong Kong models such as as Kathy Chow, Eunice Chan, Vanessa Yeung and Janet Ma. Since her first runway show at Hong Kong Fashion Week in 1989, she extended her catwalk rounds internationally and has received multiple awards, including the International Fashion Editors’ Best Hong Kong Collection Award at Hong Kong Fashion Week in 1996, and the Certificate of Merit for Excellence in Fashion Design at Hong Kong Fashion Week in 1992 and 1994. Ms Cheung was named one of the Ten Outstanding Designers at the Hong Kong Art & Design Festival in 2006.


Pola dan Sketsa "batik Crossover"

Patterns & Sketches (Lulu Cheung)


Walter Kong and Jessica Lau – Fairy-tale Fantasy

Walter Kong (right) with Jessica Lau Walter Kong (kanan) dengan Jessica Lau (Casual wear) (Pakaian kasual) www.blindbyjw.tk

Walter Kong (right) with Jessica Lau (Casual wear) (www.blindbyjw.tk

“Batik is something new to us. The fabric has a strong cultural element, but we’d like to integrate different cultures into our collection as well. The fabric is quite light, colourful and energetic. Because of its colour, it actually is quite feminine,” said Jessica Lau.
“Our batik pieces will be based on our latest collection inspired by the Nutcracker. They are surreal, colourful and comfortable and flatter the female body. Our target customers are career women,” Walter Kong added.
Mr Kong and Ms Lau design contemporary east-west fusion womenswear that can be easily mixed and matched for various occasions. They have dressed Hong Kong actresses including Aimee Chan and Grace Chan, both former “Miss Hong Kong” winners. Mr Kong was the 2007 Overall Winner of the HKTDC-organised Young Designers’ Contest. Ms Lau, a Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design graduate, was named “Best Emerging Fashion Designer 2009” in London by Artstalker creative group.



Patterns & Sketches ( Jessica Lau and Walter Kong)


Walter Ma – Attention to Detail 

Walter Ma (Evening gowns) (Gaun Malam) http://waltermacouture.c om/

Walter Ma (Evening gowns) http://waltermacouture.c om/

Veteran designer Walter Ma will use batik in his evening gown designs. “The material is very comfortable, but it needs adapting to be used in evening gowns, so my collection will feature batik detail rather than being made totally with batik. The design concept is mainly beading and embroidery,” said Mr Ma.
Mr Ma designs a wide range of fashion, including womenswear and menswear. He was

honoured with the Merit Award at the Design Gallery show staged at the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 1996. In 1997, he was awarded the “Energetic and Creativity Award” of Porsche Design and the “Artist of the Year Awards 1997 – Fashion Designer”. His clientele has featured internationally acclaimed Hong Kong actors and actresses, including Maggie Cheung, Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok.






Patterns & Sketches (Walter Ma)


Aries Sin – Futuristic & Fun

Aries Sin (Casual wear) www.modement.hk

Aries Sin aims to give batik a modern twist. “I’m still learning about batik. There’s lots of potential in using this fabric in different ways. I have picked one that has a picture on it. I think it will match my collection,” said Ms Sin.
“I will try to make it more international. I will use a contemporary way to present the material, and use the fabric in a more futuristic way, so maybe you can see something fun in the collection. And it’s going to be unisex.”
Ms Sin’s unisex pieces have been worn by renowned Hong Kong singers including Miriam Yeung, Denise Ho and Andy Hui. In 2013, she was named by Perspective magazine as one of “40 under 40” design talents, and won the bronze award at the “Design for Asia Awards 2013” organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre.






Patterns & Sketches (Aries Sin)


Harrison Wong – Casual Charm

Harrison Wong (Menswear) (Pakaian Pria) www.harrisonwong.com

Harrison Wong (Menswear) www.harrisonwong.com

Harrison Wong is getting creative with the traditional material. “The batik technique of wax-resistant dyeing gives the cloth a beautiful pattern and colour, and it feels good, too. I will turn this traditional fabric with traditional pattern, into a contemporary street fashion look for men, which is a challenge. I guess the design will be interesting,” said Mr Wong.
The menswear specialist was Overall Winner at the Hong Kong Young Designers’ Contest and captured a Special Award at the Asian Fashion Grand Prix Contest (organised by Association of Total Fashion in Japan) in 1996. With a Master’s degree with distinction from the London College of Fashion, Mr Wong has designed women’s and men’s seasonal collections for international runways in New York, Milan, Shanghai, Taipei, Sydney and Hong Kong.



Patterns & Sketches (Harrion Wong)


Cecilia Yau – Creative Classic

Cecilia Yau (Evening gowns) (Gaun Malam) www.cecilia-yau.com

Cecilia Yau (Evening gowns)  www.cecilia-yau.com

Cecilia Yau’s inspiration came from her childhood journeys. “The theme for my collection will be ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, inspired by my Southeast Asian travels as a child when, during the hot evenings, I would imagine myself being part of Shakespeare’s play, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’,” said Ms Yau, a young yet experienced and well-known award-winning designer specialising in bridal wear and haute couture.
“The batik I am going to use features deep blue, purple and golden yellow colours, with the latter resembling moonlight. Batik is versatile and I will use it in an unconventional way. My design will feature 3D cutting, representing a romantic and elegant rendition of the Shakespearean classic.”
Graduating with a degree with distinction from ESMOD International in Paris, Ms Yau was Overall Winner of the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest and winner of the Hong Kong Fashions Association Creative Award in 1999. The Hong Kong Communication Art Centre recognised her as one of The Ten Outstanding Designers in 2008, and the

Outstanding Greater China Designs Winner in 2013 and 2014. She was named among the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons” in 2013. Ms Yau has participated in various large-scale fashion shows including the Fukuoka Asia Fashion Festival, the Shanghai Fashion Festival and New York Fashion Week. Her celebrity clients include former Miss Hong Kong Michelle Reis, Hong Kong singer Linda Wong, and Chinese mainland actresses Huang Yi and Irene Wang.


Patterns & Sketches (Cecilia Yau)

In addition to “Batik Crossover”, Mr Kong and Ms Lau, as well as Ms Sin and Mr Wong will also be exhibitors at the “In Style • Hong Kong” Expo (17-19 September).

For more information, please visit the “In Style • Hong Kong” website at www.instyle-hk.com.

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