14Aug, 2013

Peeping the Successful Marketing Campaign of TNT Dramatic Flash Mob

By: Suryani and Tanya Tresnawati

peepingYouTube is one of the most effective promotional media to draw public awareness with low budget and one of today’s most popular websites. However, how do we make our uploaded video to be noted and watched by thousands or even millions of people? It is something quite tricky to do. The main formula is the unique concept that goes out of the box.

In order to launch TNT (Turner Network Television) Drama in Belgium in April 2012, TNT made an activation campaign with a flash mob concept. Their video titled “A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square” is considered to be a successful viral marketing. Why? Because in just one week, the video ‘dramatic surprise’ has been viewed for 23 million times!

Well, what makes this video very attractive?

Observe how cleverly TNT packaged the campaign.

A red button was placed in the middle of a calm and quiet town square. Near the red button, there was a striking board that read, “Push to Add Drama”.Anyone could obviously see it but no one knew what would happen if the button was pushed until someone actually did it.

A series of dramatic events took place: an ambulance came with attendants who dropped the patient off the stretcher for several times, a cyclist crashed into the ambulance open door, and then a fist fight happened between the cyclist and the ambulance driver.

Then, a sexy dressed woman on her motorcycle appears.A black car that contains gunmen chases her. Completing all the hoopla, there was a shootout and a man was shot and died (it’s surely a part of the scenario). The next strange scene was the arrival of rugby players who then carried the body and brought it into a building.


It was quiet again. To end the drama, a billboard bearing TNT’s tagline: “We Know Drama” was unrolled.

The dramatic video was immediately considered as the second most viewed ad of all time according to video research firm Unruly Video. Being shared for 3 million times made it come second in number after an ad from Volkswagen titled The Force in the year 2011. Incredible! If you are curious about the video, just visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=316AzLYfAzw

As communication practitioners, we can learn from the video that a successful campaign is not always directly proportional to a high cost. The marketing campaign concept that is ‘surprising’ like that can certainly be applied in Indonesia. The formula is: do not be reluctant to think creatively, as what we have always emphasized to the team when serving clients.

Our team understands that in order to become a trending topic in cyberspace, the videos uploaded on YouTube should be of high quality. In fact, 9 out of 10 YouTube videos uploaded in 2012 were made professionally.

But the key to success is more than that. When producing a video, our team is always trying to create unforgettable results. Never be afraid to present something different, for this is the principle of the next success!

Next, promotion is the ultimate weapon. Do not forget to aggressively promote the videos, .because if they are not promoted, who’s going to watch them? We’re very lucky,thanks to our extensive network of partners especially our digital consultant partners. Sharing and promoting videos is made relatively easier in an integrated communication group.

Well, that’s a bit of strategy from our team so that the videos uploaded on YouTube will be trending and popular. Who knows, the next successful video campaign comes from you. If you need our help, please feel free to contact us at nbd@fortunepr.com.

pictures sources: http://builtinmarketing.com, http://www.lindsellmarketing.com

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