24Mar, 2014

Promoting Events Using Social Media

Social_Media_EventBy Oscar Prajnaphalla

Social media has become an integral part of today’s society. In addition to using mass media channels, event promotion should also optimize the use of social media both in preparation and during implementation. The challenge for PR professionals is the many kinds of social media channels that oftentimes make many things left out in the implementation.

There are some important steps in promoting an event on social media:

1. Plan your event marketing

Determine your event’s uniqueness, targets, why people should come to the event, strategies to build each stage of AISAS (Awareness, Interest, Share, Action, Share) and how to measure the event promotion.

2. Build a social promotion team

Find your online and offline fans and involve them in each stage of your event since the beginning. Build their commitment to take part in promoting the event.

3. Create your online property

Online Property includes images and interesting videos to be redistributed (viral), and do not forget to provide them with “share” facility.

4. Promote and update regularly

Perform it intensively in a way that is attractive and “engaging”, avoid making similar and boring updates. Do creative and unique things; involve as many people as possible interactively through contests, quizzes, sneak peek, bloggers buzz, and countdown.

5. Keep doing it during the event and after the event is done.

Perform updates during the event implementation, such as via live tweeting. Online publicity should also be done regularly and continuously during the event. Afterwards, provide updates on the number of participants and the successes gained from the event.

We set up a checklist  for you to be used for promoting both small and large events using social media. You can download the checklist by cliking here.

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