08Oct, 2013

Trash Bank (Bank Sampah), Solution for Better Environment

By: Prithvi Wulan Qadri

Artikel-daur-ulang-sampahCurrently there are 6,500 tons of waste per day in Jakarta alone, and 80.000 tons in Indonesia (2011). Many Indonesians still feel that it’s right to throw away plastic bags or even tooth brush to the street side, rivers and also our beautiful beaches. There’s no incentive for them to stop this bad habit, and there’s no incentive for others to pick them up and make the environment clean. Chemicals from plastic bags, styrofoam and other types of waste can poison the soil and water, make it difficult for plants to grow, kill fishes and damage other sources of food.

Bank Sampah is a great solution for this challenge.

People would happily pick up the trash and submit it to Bank Sampah that you develop, creating a positive connection between your company and the community. Bank Sampah is a community-based waste management system. Communities will be empowered to manage the waste and create products and services based from waste management.

Prodev by Fortune PR has developed a Bank Sampah mechanism that can help you establish this initiative at your community. Our unique software is able to create a fast and accurate accounting system for book keeping. Our team members have over many years developed a range of skills and approaches for working within local communities and in particular with disadvantaged people. We have established a vast network to make your Bank Sampah a successful story for your company in adding value to the communities you touch.

We’d be happy to connect with you and help you establish your own Bank Sampah or for your other CSR, community development needs. You can contact Wulan (0813 8821 3199 or wulan@fortunepr.com). We will help you create a bridge to empower the communities with knowledge and skills they need to earn additional income and create solutions for the environment at the same time, creating the social license to operate, building stronger and more resilient local communities.

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