06Mar, 2017

The Management of Strategic PR

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Photo : Thomas Franky with strategic consultants during discussion


The media business is changing, and so is PR. Public relations is quickly evolving as the industry barrels down a three-pronged fork in the road with three separate directions: Traditional PR, Advocacy PR and Social Media. That change makes PR transforms from ‘promotion and publicity’ to ‘relationship building’, as well as from ‘reactive’ to ‘proactive’.

PR practitioners need Strategic PR Management to evaluate the public’s behavior and attitudes, as well as to plan and execute a program or action of the company.

In order to get a deeper understanding about strategic PR, Thomas Franky, the Managing Director of Fortune PR presented a very detailed training about the important elements to create strategic PR on Friday (February 3rd, 2017). It includes the maturity as well as the analysis skills of PR practitioner itself.

14 strategic consultants joined and highly participated in the discussion. The training lasted up to 2 hours. The participants also were enriched with theories from PR gurus such as Jane McNamara. After the training, the participants were shown one of the most captivating campaigns in India called “Women Against Lazy Stubble.”

A good PR need to create good strategies, so they can achieve their goals. There are many credible PR practitioners out there, but make sure one of the values you have is a strategic PR!

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