03Mar, 2017

Marketing Communications Trends in 2017

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Photo: Participants actively engaged during Q&A’s

Today we witness and experience various interesting and creative innovations created in almost all industries, and one of the driving forces behind it, is the continues evolve of both market and industry behaviour. To anticipate that, practitioners need to constantly update about the recent market and industry trend as well as the changes that happened in market behaviour in order to provide the best solution for their consumers.

In doing the Public Relations roles, practitioners need to know and understand the new trends of marketing communication as foundation to explore new opportunities, new market, approaching potential customers, secure its position in the market, building superior brand image, and many others strategic moves.

To be able to do so, practitioners need to have a deeper comprehension about twelve marketing trends in 2017 as well as how it is being implemented. Last January 27th,2017 Niken Seka, Marketing Communications Manager of Fortune PR shared the twelve marketing trends in 2017 topic in her “Marketing Communication Trends in 2017” sharing session to sharpening internal team skills in seeking and exploring the strategic moves and opportunities presented by the new trend in marketing. The sharing session was attended by up to 10 of our strategic consultants and raised lots of interesting discussions that potentially lead to several new innovations.

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