21Nov, 2017

Viu Indonesia X Lazada; You Only Live Once (YOLO),The Creativity to Celebrate National Online Shopping Day 2017

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Photo : (From left to right) Varun Mehta (Country Manager Viu Indonesia), Achmad Alkatiri (Chief Marketing Officer Lazada Indonesia), Salshabilla Andriani (Actress), Johnatan Dakota (Actor), Myra Suraryo (Head of Marketing & Ad Sales Viu Indonesia), Alyandra Pandjipoera (Director of YOLO serial)

Viu, the leading premium video-on-demand service provider for emerging market, in collaboration with Lazada, released a romantic-comedy drama series titled YOLO to celebrate National Online Shopping Day 2017.

YOLO (You Only Live Once) features famous Indonesian Selebrgam such as Salshabilla Adriani and Jonathan Dakota. Myra Suraryo, Head of Marketing & Ad Sales Viu Indonesia, said, “Viu is the perfect platform to enjoy video entertainment content for millennials in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia, and we are also committed to provide the best entertainment for them. Our collaboration with Lazada provides an opportunity to tell Viu-ers about the current state of Indonesian youth in a digital world by using the style and language they understand. We work with young influencer as one of the talents to show our commitment to continue supporting the development of talented youth in Indonesia”

YOLO (You Only Live Once), directed by Alyandra Pandjipoera and was inspired by the trending hashtag amongst the millennials. This series is a short romantic comedy-drama portraying the life of millennial in Indonesia.

David Mario Hutabarat, the Public Relations Consultant of Fortune PR, said, “Both Viu and Lazada are brands that really close to millennial, this collaboration is one of their commitment to reach out and inspire more millennial in all over Indonesia.”

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