21Oct, 2016

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

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Analysed by: TB Arief Muqsitha, Associate Director of Fortune PR

In this digital era, it is most likely that most brands within various industries have launched or at least are planning to launch social media marketing. For a variety of reasons such as reaching brand affinity to better engage with the targeted consumers, social media marketing takes an important role as a keypoint to increase your business.

To make your business prospects goes viral, it is vital to fully understand the social media marketing fundamentals. To start with maximizing quality to increase online entry points, you need to consider applying these 10 laws to build great foundation that will serve your consumers as well as your brand.

public relations, 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing-Theprtalk.com

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The law of listening

The success of social media and content marketing requires more listening and less talking. Pay attention to your target audience’s discussion or read their online content to know what is important to them.

The law of focus

Better avoid making broad strategy that attempts to be all things to all people. A highly-focused social media and content marketing strategy to strengthen your brand has a better chance for success.

The law of quality

Do not be easily disappointed or upset when you see that other brands have more online connections than your own. Having less online connection yet stronger engagement is far more important than to have millions of connections that will disappear after the first connection.

The law of patience

Great success, applied to this social media marketing, does not come in a short period of time. It is more likely that you need to commit to the long haul to achieve results.

The law of compounding

When you publish something amazing as your content, you just need to wait for the ripest fruit to be picked. Good quality contents will be more likely to be shared by your followers thus open new entry points to be attached in Google keyword search or other search engines. It will grow to hundreds or thousands of more potential ways to find your brand.

The law of influence

Build relationship with online influencers in your market to help you broaden your brands’ target market in front of a huge new audience. When the relationship is built, the online influencers will be triggered to share about your brand to their followers.

The law of value

It is important not to directly promote your products and services, as people will leave your brand due to being uninterested. You must add value to your content. Develop relationship with the online influencers to create a powerful catalyst for word-of-mouth marketing that will boost your business.

The law of acknowledgment

Always acknowledge every person who reaches out to you, either in person or online. The most important things of social media marketing success is to build strong relationship. Never ignore them when you need to strengthen your social media engagement.

The law of accessibility

You need to consistently publish content and participate in conversations with your online followers. Don’t just disappear after publishing something that at first attracts them.

The law of reciprocity

Be fair. Take a portion of your time spending on social media to read and share contents published by others in order to exchange mutual benefits for them to share yours. You cant just expect them to share and talk about your brand if you dont do the same for them.

Social media marketing is getting more hyped day by day, affecting the level of challenges and creativity for every brands to cope up in today’s digital era. By applying the 10 of laws in social media marketing will help you get the luck your business ever dream of.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/218160

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