14Jun, 2017

A Beginners Guide to Digital PR

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By: DIBE Team – Fortune PR


Digital PR is a combination of traditional PR with the new tactics of utilizing digital platforms, content marketing, and online engagement.

Digital PR is more focused on building relationships and trusts. Using digital PR involves content marketing, networking, connecting, and engaging the third party or online endorsers. Bloggers and buzzers who are very active on social media helps PR pros to deliver the company’s or brand’s messages. Digital PR can also optimized technology to boost company’s or a brand’s brand name to the top of the search engines and social media rankings.

The tactics of digital PR can lead to brand awareness, engagement, and action.  So by investing in digital PR, you can turn static press releases and byline articles into engaging conversations that will reach the digital savvy audience much more faster, broader, and effective. This is because people will be more involved in the brand and community that you have built. You are creating trust and getting your audience to take action by creating a dialogue instead of just throwing news or promotional advertisement.

In order to get a deeper understanding about digital PR, on Friday, May 26th 2017, DIBE Team presented a very detailed training on how to become a digital savvy PR pro in the digital age. Besides explaining about the strategies and tactics, the team also shares their professional creative consulting experiences on her previous clients.

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