23Jun, 2017

A Quick Guide to Running a Social Marketing Campaign

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By: Lusida Sinaga – Senior Account Manager of Fortune PR


“Social marketing campaign aims to transform people’s perception and behavior. In communicating the campaign message, a PR professional can use the PR cycle to develop a strategic plan. Research is always the first thing to do. You must first define and understand the problems, the goals, and the target audience. You also need to find out what the audiences think about the issue, how they feel about it, the occurred challenges, and what factors that will convince them to change their perception and behavior. After that, plan the strategies in detail. Add the 3Ps social marketing mix (Public, Partnership, and Policy) to the analysis. Then follow your program outline carefully and follow the process. Last but not least, don’t forget to monitor and evaluate the sustainability your social marketing campaign. A PR professional must remember that objectives such as behavioral change, relationship, and engagement doesn’t come up instantly. Those things take time and a very careful process.”

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