20Oct, 2017

Behind Taylor Swift’s Viral Marketing Move

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By: Annisa Gita – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


Taylor Swift recently just released her new single called “Look What You Made Me Do”. Prior to the release, she wiped her Instagram post clean. Predictably, her fans started buzzing and speculating about what happened. But after she dropped the single on the market, it becomes a smashing record.

After deleting all her Instagram posts, Taylor started posting teaser videos and photos related to the new single. The posts went viral as it had broken the record number on the first day of streaming, with nearly 8 million times in the first 24 hours. According to Beki Winchel on PR Daily, Here are 3 lessons for PR in music Industry.


  1. Make it exclusive

When she launched her new album, she also announced about “Taylor Swift Tix” that powered by Ticketmaster for a verified fan program. Taylor Swift asks her fans to register and participate in a virtual line activity for ticket purchase. Other activities include watching videos on her site, purchasing merchandise, and sharing links on social platforms for her new album launch. Taylor Swift posted a video on YouTube to explain the process.




  1. Make it exciting for the fans

Taylor Swift wanted to create an exciting euphoria for her new album. When her social media has gone relatively quiet over the past several months before the release, many media reported about speculation of new music. Her fans have constructed theories about what Taylor really means on her social media and music video. Taylor’s attempt managed to increase engagement and excitement between her fans.


  1. Don’t push too far

The Ticketmaster verified fan program gain many criticisms. Some said she’s gone too far to monetize her album. Fans are willing to do those things if their commitment is truly valued. So don’t see fans as just numbers and dollar signs.

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