09Aug, 2017

Benefits of Having a Social Media Policy for Employees

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By: Ayu Meganingrum – Business Group Director of Fortune PR


“A social media policy can be the company’s first line of defense in mitigating risk and crisis. A well-written social media policy can provide employees with guidelines for communicating online. This policy will show the company’s expectations on what is permissible to say or do online. It will provide clarity around the company’s values and culture for customers, employees and the public alike. It will allow the company to allocate the responsibility for content control and approval. In other words, it clearly states who an employee needs to make contact with in the company to get approval for comments or the creation of content relating to the company. This policy will reduce lost time and productivity spent dealing with unauthorized use of social media, including dealing with the consequences of conflict related to social media use. Lastly, it will reduce risk and legal exposure for the business. By providing clear guidelines and parameters to your employees through a well-written and well-informed social media policy, you will be able to ensure that your company’s brand is enhanced and that your reputation is not inadvertently damaged by comments placed online by an employee.”

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