13Jul, 2017

Building a Good Relationship with Your Client

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By: Ati Muchtar – President Director of Fortune PR


“Maintaining a good relationship with your previous, on-going as well as your future clients is very important. Building strong relationships with clients sets you up for new business opportunities. Even if your previous clients do not return to use your service at this moment, they may recommend you to their colleagues. To do this, you must always give them what they really need. This means listening to them, providing them with your best and most honest advice, and working your hardest during on-going projects. Be open minded and always show your enthusiasm, so they will enjoy being around you. Understanding your client’s business is very important. To be able to provide your client’s needs and expectations, conduct a survey or a study before you start the project, and always stay updated on the market situation. As a PR pro, it is important to always do the things that make us happy with our job. Maintain a good relationship not just with your clients, but also your vendors and suppliers.”

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