10Jul, 2017

Choosing a Right Spokesperson in an Aviation PR Crisis

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By: Ivan Christianto – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“To win back the public’s heart regarding an aviation safety crisis, an airline company must choose the right spokesperson who shows sympathy and responsibility. The spokesperson must show the right gesture when making public apologies. He or she must show that the company is trying as best as they can and was not playing the blame game. Put your best person forward, and look for someone who is media trained, appears sympathetic, and above all a good communicator. It is very necessary for an airline company to have a plan so they can gain control of the situation as quickly as possible. This means controlling the message, and assuring that the company is seen by the media and others as the most reliable source of information. The company must make sure all communications deliver a strong and consistent message that conveys the right combination of confidence and caring.”



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