07Sep, 2017

Combining Traditional & Modern Aspects in a Video Campaign

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By: Annisa Gita – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


Engaging audience through a video campaign is one way to promote a product. By combining traditional aspects and local legends with a touch of modern taste, a local ice cream brand called Indoeskrim has recently gained worldwide attention on the internet.

Launched last July, the three-minute commercial ranked fifth on Youtube Indonesia’s trending video list and has been watched by over 800.000 viewers. The video starts with a feud between two royal siblings over food. One of the guards grabs a walkie-talkie and reports the fight to the Queen. When the Queen fails to stop the fight, she called her husband using her iPhone for help.



The King, who receives the call finds his wife’s location using Google Maps. He then stops the children’s fight by showing them a cabinet full of ice cream. The video is aimed to promote new flavors of Indoeskrim, featuring local Indonesian flavors such as es teler (a traditional dessert made of shaved ice, syrup, and fruits), mung bean, and kopyor (a traditional dessert made from coconut milk).

What we can highlight from Indoeskrim’s video is how they managed to create a hilarious story by integrating local traditional aspects and local legends and blended it with a touch of modern taste. We know that Indonesia is a country with a myriad of cultures and ethnicities. Inserting the elements of nationalism to the video can help accentuate the nation brand globally.

Lastly, the video truly shows the importance of a strong research and gaining customers’ insight as a foundation. Before creating the creative concept, gaining a rich insight of the profile and behavior of the target audience and also discovering the audiences’ wants and needs are important.

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