10Jul, 2017

Common Market Research Mistakes

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By: Muhammad Arif – Account Manager of Fortune PR


“If your market research goes wrong, a crisis can occur. It is important to pay attention to the three most common market research mistakes that usually occur. The first is being unclear about the objectives, not knowing what you are looking for, asking the wrong questions, and using the wrong method. You must set your objectives clearly, and that means knowing what information you will need before you begin. So you can use your research objectives to list the right research questions. The second is cutting costs by using small samples. You can mix the method with quantitative research by conducting surveys that will provide you bigger insights from your customers. Use a broader variety of respondents when collecting data and use reputable sources. The third is the misinterpretation of statistics. You must have the skill to look and analyze raw data, and turned them into intelligence and insights to make decisions and plan your next move.”

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