02May, 2017

How To Create a Fun & Educational Festive Holiday Events for Kids

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By: Eva Grace – Senior Account Manager of Fortune PR

For kids, festive religious holidays like Christmas, Idul Fitri, Easter, Chinese New Year, and Waisak Day are fun holidays to celebrate every year. In public places like malls and parks today, brands segmented for kids has been engaging the kids and their parents as the final decision maker hence turning it into sales.

But since Indonesia consist of such diverse religious backgrounds, brands need to come up with a more inclusive way to engage the heterogeneous kids through public events, but still keeping it fun and educational.

Here are a few important tips on how brands can create a fun yet educational events for kids during festive holidays:

  1. Make the activities more inclusive

If you want the events to go viral, you must pay attention to the cultural context. Try to create activities that allowed all kids from heterogeneous background to participate. To make your event more inclusive, provide an active sign language interpreter and customize equipment for children with disabilities to participate.

  1. Make it super creative and unique

Come up with an out of the box event activities other than the common drawing, coloring, singing, or a costume competition. You can create an amazing race event, or interactive quiz shows to keep it fun and still educational.


  1. Get the kids to improve their social skills

Get the kids to socialize with their peers! Make them talk to other kids about what they feel. This can also improve their thinking skills and boost their confidence.

Overall, provide the kids with repeatable educational experiences so they can see how their actions affect other people and their environments. So in the end the kids can also see themselves as capable, competent, and having their self-controlled.

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