10Oct, 2016

Creating Content That Speaks to The Audience

Creating Content That Speaks to The Audience-Theprtalk.com public relations 2
FPR ConsultantBy: Ana Maratu Sholiha
Senior Public Relations Consultant of Fortune PR


Did you know that according to Slate and Chartbeat, there are some typical audiences who will scroll through about 50%-60% of an article? When people said that audiences do not read further, it is not true. In fact they read through in the range of 50%-60% part of the whole article.

How do we make the audience read in more details, as well as make them find something they are truly interested in? Customers do not want to be constantly bombarded by sales content, thus one of the answers is by creating a customer-centric content.

A customer-centric content is written not only for the business purpose, but also to be the strut to create engagement of the customers as well as the target audiences in the market. The content must be as representative to the customers as to the brand itself. Thus, the value of both parties looking for will be matched.

Brands should focus on ways to engage the audience, especially in using content to drive profitable behaviours. An upfront way to create impressive content is to develop the larger story that an organization would like to express, providing customers the answers and value they are seeking for.

The customer-centric content does not only pitch the products but also focus on what the audience wants to know and on which values the customers are looking into. The content will have these identifying marks:

  1. Shareable

The content should be clear, not too long, not too scanty nor redundant. It has to be easy to share. The social sharing buttons should be placed visibly to give audience an easy way in sharing various contents within their network.


  1. Useable

To be useable, the content should be transportable with easy usage for massive audience: the less we mention about the brands, the further the content can travel. The content should be relevant to the audience. This way the content is more likely to be read and shared.


  1. Readable

A readable content needs to be able to quickly grab the audience’s attention and informing them that they have landed in the right place in seeking for answers to their search queries. A readable content must have a proper title, high quality images, and no typos. Typos communicated to the audience will lead them to mistrust.


  1. Memorable

Commonly, the audience skims through the content they read. Limiting the content to one main idea per paragraph makes it easy for the audience to digest and find the information they are looking for.

Another recommendation in writing an impressive content and successfully build customer engagement is by sharing a pack of useful yet interesting fun-facts and the-million-dollar-question related to the brand, industry or the article itself. Engaging the writer’s own experience will be a plus point in opening the story of an article. Therefore the audience can be prompted to stay longer in reading the content.

How to recognize whether the content works and speaks to the audience?

  • When the content helps to build your business.
  • When the content inspires people to do some shareable actions.
  • When the content drives people to profitable behaviors

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