16May, 2017

Creative Concept 101

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Creative concept is a big idea that can be used across the whole campaign. It is a rough draft about the shape of the campaign we are going to do.

The creative concept helps define the very core of your campaign message. It serves as a foundation for your campaign content, and summarize the major themes to be communicated to your target audience. It also shapes your audience’s emotion and response towards the campaign message.

When PR professionals develop a creative concept, they first need a strong research data to develop a problem statement, a key message, and to set a clear objective. After that, they brainstorm based on the creative brief given by their clients and develop the communication strategy. PR professionals must ensure that the creative concept development process is based on research, supported by strong understanding of the situation, the audience, the communication channels that will be used, as well as the objectives and goals.

Developing creative concept is important because the same message, communicated to different types of audience, will need different types of approach. Let’s say if your campaign message is about the benefits of savings, and the campaign objective is to encourage people to save money. You will need a different creative approach when delivering the message to adults, teenagers, and kids. A creative concept serves as a tool to deliver the campaign message effectively, based on the types of audience.

Developing a creative concept also allows PR professionals to see how the campaign will work or not across different media channels, test out whether or not the creative concept will be appealing to the audience, and able to reach the target audience effectively by finding ideas that are relatable and emotionally moving.

In order to get a deeper understanding about creative concept, on Friday, May 5th 2017, Upik Rubiyanti as a Creative Group Head of Fortune PR presented a very detailed training about how to develop a creative concept. Besides explaining about the ways to trigger creative thinking, Upik also shared her professional creative consulting experiences on her previous clients.

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