13Jul, 2017

Creative Concept Development

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By: Upik Rubiyanti – Creative Group Head of Fortune PR


“How do you develop a creative concept step by step? First, gather all findings and insights. You must ensure that the creative concept development process is based on research, supported by a strong understanding of the situation, the audience, the communication channels that will be used, as well as the objectives and goals. Second, define the problem and develop a problem statement. Reflect also from the creative brief given by your client and the communication strategy. Third, brainstorm the concept by inviting members from a variety of backgrounds to generate more diverse concepts. Fourth, conduct individual idea generation and give everyone time to think on their own using the approved big concept. Fifth, review all individual ideas and select three best ideas. Sixth, consider the feasibility. Ensure the ideas are feasible to execute and match your ideas with your budget and timeline. The last is all about ideas execution. It’s time to make the concept into a visible work!”.

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