10Jul, 2017

Designing a Brand Identity

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By: Fortune PR Expert


“A successful brand identity is formulated through three crucial elements. First, your brand needs to have a strong brand strategy in order to be distinctive and different from other competitors. It must stand out in the crowd and catches your customers’ attention. Your brand strategy must also make a visual impact. Second, your brand needs to have its own strong philosophy surrounding it, so that its value can be easily translated into a visual metaphor. It is important that you understand what your brand believes in and why. Your brand needs to stay true to your company’s values, with a strong visual language that reflects your brand. Lastly, your brand needs commitment and consistency from the people behind it, so that any identity embedded in the brand can be truly amplified in any form of communication. A brand identity must be able to grow and evolve with the brand. After all, brand is a promise to your customers.”

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