09May, 2017

How to Gain Public Support for Government Policy

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By: Thomas Franky – Managing Director of Fortune PR


In democratic countries, the role of the government as policy makers whose job is to take the lead on combating social problems and controversial issues, need the support from their citizens to be able to adopt and implement policies.

A new policy issued to the public cannot please everybody. But choosing the right strategy on how to communicate it clearly to the public can help form a public opinion that favors the policy. Public opinion can play a positive role in policy making.

So as a policy maker, how can you communicate your policy effectively to gain public support?

  1. Create awareness

The first thing to do to make sure that the community knows the issue exist. If not, you have to educate the community about the issue and help them understand its importance. Once this goal is accomplished, you are ready to convince your community that the issue is relevant.


  1. Extend your horizons

The effects of a policy for a certain group matters, but extend your horizons and try to see the bigger picture. As a policy maker, see an issue from a ‘helicopter view’, so you can predict the bigger effects for the society as a whole. Consider the fairness, advantages and disadvantages for a certain group, and analyze whether or not the policy will bring out a potential for a new conflict.


  1. Always side on the society

If the policy brings fairness, people will most likely support and accept the responsibility to follow that policy. People will understand that addressing the policy is their responsibility and the society as a whole. This is called public support.


The better you know your communities and your issues, the more effective you can target people and opinion leaders whose support is important to your effort. The support gained from public can have various effects on how a policy can be implement for a long run.

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