21Jun, 2017

How Political Debates Influence a Political Identity

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By : Muhammad Arif – Account Manager of Fortune PR


“Aside from the offline campaign, online campaign, and engaging the press and public figures, the presidential debate can be used by a political PR pro to effectively engage and support the candidate’s positive political identity. Since the news media often anticipate televised presidential debates as a national event of great importance, debates usually raise what scholars called the trans-campaign effects. This influence voting behavior, image formation, and attitude change. While journalists often look for the candidate who won the debate, viewers experience the debate differently. They make two simultaneous judgments: whether or not the candidate seems right to be the next president, or one of the candidates is a better choice than the other. A political PR professional can use the debate momentum to form their candidate’s political identity by ensuring that the audience interpret the message as planned, and to persuade public opinion in favor of a public figure.”

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