09Aug, 2017

Keep Your Tone and Manner in Check When Writing Business Emails

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By: Shinta Widianti – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“So much business communication takes place electronically that people tend to dash off emails without thinking about them. It is important to pay attention to email etiquette rules because it shows your professional identity. If you don’t pay attention to your tone and manner, your recipients will not take you seriously. Or even the worst, they won’t reply your email. The first thing to pay attention to is your tone. Your tone is commonly heard when you speak. But written communication, especially email, also has a tone that needs to be watched. The tone impacts the reader’s reaction, resulting in higher or lower morale, expanded or reduced sales, and increased or decreased ratings. Besides tone, you must also check your manners. Don’t forget to write a clear objective in the subject box. Start by introducing yourself. Use the right email structure with a polite wording. Write a clear information on the body email, inform your recipients about additional attachments, always recheck for typo or grammar errors, and lastly don’t ever forget to say thank you in the end.”

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