24Jun, 2016

Keeping and Maximizing Brand Value

Keeping and Maximizing Brand Value-Theprtalk.com public relations
ikathumbBy. Thomas Franky
Managing Director of Fortune PR 

Company sometimes face challenges like how to maintain the quality of their products and how to keep the quantity of the customers high in the market. Entering the glorious days of global ASEAN-Economic Community, the effort seems to be more challenging as every competitor runs the same path not to lose his or her way towards it.

Brand value is reached by the quality of the brand, the reputation, as well as the intangible assets that the brand has. It is gained in a long period of time by building reputation and keeping promises towards their stakeholders. In order to keep the trust and reputation, a brand should consider many ways that is out of the box to be stand out from other competitors, time by time.

It is important to keep the value of the brand sustain, so that loyal customers keep buying the products in any era. For that matter, there are two ways to keep the brand value remain sustainable:

  • First, it is important to keep the brand guardianship going. Brand guardianship is the key of brand management, a combination of discipline and creativity that keeps the brand strong and healthy.
  • Second, is to find any strategic way to adjust your brand in the market. In another word, it is important to make your brand grow dynamically, following the trend of the market that the customers find more interesting now than in the previous years. It is important for brand to keep innovate, create something new and keep up with what customers’ need or want. Even if some brands already considered valuably high, when they stop to innovate, competitors would be able to threat their position on top. Allowing the brand to grow and evolve will make it relevant to the market, and keep becoming solution for customers’ needs. As for the new brands that come to market, there are three steps to level up the brand value.

(Doc. Way to Digital Marketing)

  1. Create a unique product that answers your customers’ need with the right brand positioning. By doing this, you have done half way to stardom. The rest are about choosing the right channel to market and communicate.
  2. Build your brand reputation. Do not engage too many promises to the consumers. It is better to under-promise yet over-delivered than to make them disappointed.
  3. Keep innovate and stay relevant to your customers’ need. By doing this, you are not only create a champion brand, but the ageless one.


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