23May, 2016

How to Maximize a Visual Storytelling Through Infographics

How to Maximize a Visual Storytelling Through Infographics-Theprtalk.com public relations
upik-smallBy. Upik Rubiyanti
Creative Group Head  of Fortune PR

Creating an infographics to drive deeper engagement

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, how does your company successfully spiced up a content marketing campaign with visual content that are engaging? And how does your company communicate their messages in a concise and interesting way? Some companies are now quickly learning that visual storytelling is one of the most effective ways to share their stories. A powerful visual storytelling is the key to connect and engage with your target audiences. A good and relevant visual can evoke emotion of the people who seeing it.


As we work in a creative industry, we are not only communicating our products, but also our thoughts to customers. We understand that an effective and powerful visual content can change customer’s behavior and strengthen our brand loyalty.


Visual storytelling takes on many forms in print ads, books, video, TVCs, memes, infographics, etc. In the reason of the best way to communicate a message through visual, we create infographics as one of our marketing tools to build closer connection to target audiences, develop greater awareness, and quick grasp of the brand messages. Infographics is a visual image that is being used to represent structural information, tutorial or complex data and all tie together to clearly communicate in an intriguing and insightful way. With a touch of creativity, an infographics can be more fun, unique and interesting, yet it is still being informative.


The effectiveness of infographics in social media can easily be measured, we can see the data analysis on how many people visit or see our infographics. We are also able to know their characteristics, such as gender, occupation, ages, etc. Hence, you can create a persuasive infographics that have an emotional power to surprise your audiences. This will help your company to grab people’s attention, drive engagement and expand their market.


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