25May, 2016

The Power of Social Media Engagement to Increase Brand Awareness

The Power of Social Media Engagement to Increase Brand Awareness-Theprtalk.com public relations
tb-smallBy. TB. Arief M.
Associate Director of Fortune PR

Making social media marketing as a valuable and effective tool for promoting your brands to generate more results

With businesses become more competitive every day, it is important for brands to create greater visibility and awareness to their targeted audiences. Just having a website for your marketing strategy is not enough, and what you should consider now is you need to extend your strategy into a social media marketing.


According to Hubspot, as much as 92% of marketers from survey performed in 2014 highlighted the importance of social media marketing for their business. Social Media Examiner also confirmed that as much as 97% of marketers now participate and have a significant presence in social media.


As a powerful and effective tool for your business strategy, social media can add value to your business, such as; direct engagement with customers, gain insight from customers, educate customers, and increase brand awareness. To boost brand awareness through social media, you need to establish deeper engagement with your targeted audiences.


What is social media engagement?


Social media engagement is an interaction between brand and its customers through social networks. You can interact with your customers about your products, services, or even your business industry. You can also respond to their inquiries, concerns or complaints.


Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are perfect fit for your engagement strategy. These platforms are designed to be a two-way communication channel where people can get responses in real time and you can get feedback from your targeted audiences to increase your brand awareness and grow your businesses.


How to drive engagement in social media?


Once you’ve established your social media networks, then you have to understand your targeted audiences. The next step is optimizing your content strategy to attract your targeted audiences.


There are four elements to drive engagement in social media:


  1. Create engaging content

You need to create interesting and informative content that your target audiences will be interested in. Provide your audiences with content that they want, and do not directly promote your products or services. Before posting your content, you have to consider your target audiences and gain insights on topics and themes that will appeal their needs, interests, and preferences. Content can include images related to your products or services, infographics, and video.

  1. Engage your targeted audiences

You can communicate directly with your customers. Social media like Facebook or Twitter allow users to send comments about your products or services. Discuss your brand’s quality with customers in order to build their trust in your brand.

  1. Be responsive

Regularly monitor your social channels for interactions. Don’t ignore comments or questions from audiences. You should respond their questions and addressing concerns. This make your brand is reachable in customer’s perspective.

  1. Do rewarding activity

Create a program that rewards users after they complete specific actions, such as joining quiz, or other competitions in social media. Rewards them with tangible incentives, such as free products, free shipping, or discount coupons.


Social media becomes very important for companies striving to build their brands. By optimizing social media strategy through active communication, attractive and constantly updated content in social media, brands can successfully reach larger target market, increase brand awareness and drive revenue.




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