24Mar, 2017

Strategic PR Management

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By Thomas Franky – Managing Director of Fortune PR

Communication in today’s era is more complicated then ever as we are now flooded by 24/7 information through various channels. In addition to that, diversified people (religion, lifestyle, custom, etc), also forces an organization to change the way they communicate with their customers. Efficient and effective communication is needed to win the competitive industry.

Thus, a PR practitioner who work for organization needs to adapt quickly, and the most important part is to have a strategic thinking to help the organization in achieveing their goal. Strategic thinking itself is not a short journey. It involves strategic research, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

In strategic research, PR practitioner is required to be aware about brand, client positioning and their expectation which can be dug through a research. It is PR duty to change or strengthen audience’s perception towards the brand through the right message. By doing strategic research, PR will be able to craft the right message. Creating the message that fits the audience will help the brand to reach their objective .

The second step is planning where PR practitioner has to set a certain goal and decide the strategy for each targeted audience. The third is implementation. PR has to decide tactics, type and level of research to be measured The final step is evaluation. In this level, the activities are to review the strategy, capture experiences and lessons as well as receiving feedback to achieve better results in the future.

Those steps are needed in strategic PR management in order to communicate with customer in the right way. A good PR practitioner also has to be open minded, adapt with innovation and possess a sharp analytic capability in the world full of data.



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