11Jul, 2017

The Secret of Becoming a PR Expert

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By: Ati Muchtar – President Director of Fortune PR


In the PR industry, especially in a dynamic agency environment, becoming an expert means standing out from the crowd. Besides being intelligent in knowledge with good interpersonal skills, a PR expert needs to have a few specific qualities that a regular PR doesn’t have. So how do you become a PR expert?

To survive in the PR industry, you must be able to frequently demonstrate initiative, analyze problems logically and objectively, demonstrate an excellent oral, written, negotiation and presentation skills confidently, work based on research, and be persuasive. But the PR industry today is filled with smart and talented individuals with the skills above. You need to be different. You need to own more skills that will sets you apart.

Let’s now talk about being a PR expert. In general, an expert is someone who owns a comprehensive knowledge of a skill or in a particular area. A PR expert means someone who masters not only the general PR scope of work, but also having the skills of strategic thinking. A PR expert is analytical and conceptual, someone as a source of knowledge that can help others solve their problems, and a creative leader who focus on execution to reach the best result.

With such rich knowledge, experiences, and skills, a PR expert is expected to handle big, challenging, and often fast paced projects. That is why aside from keeping yourself update to current affairs and new data, to be a PR expert means to challenge yourself all the time to reach a bigger and more global standard. To think creatively in solving problems using limited budget. To help your clients come up with a fresh concept and insights.

Come to work each day with a positive and optimistic attitude. This not only provides a more pleasant work environment, but your positive aura will transfer over to any client relationships that you keep. A positive attitude reflects confidence in your work, which is reassuring to your clients.

Lastly, being a PR expert today also means mastering the multi-disciplinary skills to survive in the game, as a lot of things have shifted to digital in the PR fields today. Digital advancement also expands the way of a conventional method for PR activities. PR pros are now utilizing digital technology for traditional PR programs. Therefore, a PR expert must now explore the digital world more. This can be done by being active on social media, as well as keeping updated with current affairs and trends. A PR expert can also share their knowledge and expertise online by writing expert and opinion articles.

In order to get a deeper understanding about becoming a PR expert, on Friday, June 2nd 2017, Ati Muchtar as the President Director of Fortune PR presented a very detailed training about her professional consulting experiences on her previous clients. The consultants from Fortune PR who participated in this training actively raised their opinions and questions. At the end of the training, Ati points out about the importance of learning from various PR case studies which will help consultants gain new perspectives and enhance their strategic thinking skills.

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