02Dec, 2014

Time Wellness & Management

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by: Lydia Zein

As one of the preparation for the Management Trainees to begin their journey of work at Fortune PR, the Trainees began their day with a training of Time Wellness & Management. The second day of the training was given by Ibu Arbania Fitriani (Arfi) & Ibu Eli where they each shared their experiences and insights to the Trainees. This training is very important for the Trainees in order to cope with stress at work.


Positive Mental Attitude

Character is important in every aspect of human lives. The ability to control emotion will lead to wellness and well-being. 99% of success is determined by a person’s character and their ability to handle emotion, while the remaining 1% consists of skill and knowledge. Positive mental attitude is a lesson and a learning process. A negative mental attitude is dangerous and may lead to suicides within seconds. Anger may last for few seconds but can be prolonged by self-ego.

Bad experiences does not always equal to bad matters. These experiences can be nurtured by working hard, staying focus, trying, being humble and always having faith and believing for good results. There are some ways to cope with bad experiences and stress such as exercising, listening to music, praying and speaking to someone you trust. But the most powerful way to cope with stress is by being grateful. And by being grateful is the ability to control the mindset and thought.
With the exercises given by Ibu Arfi, the Trainees have learnt that by changing into a positive mind, we can transform our lives into a much healthy form. So how do we do that? First we begin by controlling our ways of breathing. When we are able to manage to control our breath, we have the power to control our brain which will lead to change the mind to a positive manner. And voila, you will realize you have a positive life. Our lifespan lives can be determined by our ways to control the respiratory system. It was said that we are able to have a longer lifespan by the amount of depth and length of inhaling and exhaling,
When we have successfully mastered our behavior in handling emotion, we also have the power to control time wellness and management. We will then be capable of sorting which are important/urgent and which are not by accordingly prioritizing every tasks given.

This training is not just important for the Management Trainees but everyone working in Fortune PR. A positive mindset will establish a positive working environment that will lead to the success of the company.

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