29May, 2017

The Ultimate Checklist for a Successful Product Launch

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By: Fortune PR Expert


There is always a great launch plan behind every successful product launch. What are the things that PR pros need to pay attention to when launching a product?

Whether you are launching something small or huge, you will want to start your preparation well in advance before the launch date. This includes breaking down in details your product positioning, key message, launch activities, content, and preparing your best team members.

A common mistake, as stated in Altitude Marketing[1], is usually skipping the early research when deciding when to bring your product to the market. So in advance, you and your team must ask yourselves some questions: Is there a need in the marketplace for my product? Who is the product for and what does it do? Why is it different with others that are already being marketed and sold? What about the price and ROI? After you finished your early research and you know that your product is ready for launch, it is time to plan the launch details. To achieve a successful product launch, you and your team will need to make sure on 3 important things on your checklist:

  1. Brand identity awareness

You will need a brand identity awareness building strategy that will culminate in the product launch. A brand identity influences your customers’ experience. It resonates how your brand looks, feels, and speaks to your customers. These are the elements that help them decide if they want to engage with you or not.


  1. Product differentiation

It will be great if your brand is distinctive and have a uniqueness that can turn people’s head. You must make your product stand out in the crowd of competitors and catches your customers’ attention.


  1. The right medium

You will need to determine the suitable launch medium that can create awareness, noise, and unexpectedness for your product launch. If you launch a product without spreading the word, no one will know about it. Plan the information you are going to release and when, and keep your press release rolling. You can create a unique event that will make journalist want to write about it. You can later utilize the media coverage as a feedback to determine what changes you need to make to enhance your product.

A successful launch begins with great timing, so you must plot out your project timeline correctly. You might feel a sense of urgency to introduce your product to the market, but without research and a good launch plan, your plan could turn into a nightmare.



[1] https://altitudemarketing.com/blog/7-steps-ensure-product-ready-launch/

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