08Jun, 2017

What Makes a Great Campaign?

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Campaigning is a strategy used to inspire people to act. It is commonly used to gain the publics’ attention since it involves a conversation with the society and it is aimed persuades people to support a movement.

As a PR pro, your campaign shouldn’t just be ordinary, it must be great and extraordinary! A great campaign must state a clear problem and explain what issue that matters to the public. It must be very insightful and developed very creatively from scratch. It must be out of the box and up to date with the current trend and culture, while also utilizing technology very well. But what makes a campaign really great is its power to create a movement. A great campaign must inspire people to act, so your brand can gain more publicity from it.

The first step to start a campaign is to not be afraid to start. Campaigning can be fun but it is often hard and challenging at the same time. So a few things you need to do to start a campaign is to define the core issue. You can do this by brainstorming for about 30 minutes a day in order to gain knowledge, inspiration, and fresh ideas.

Then, you must set a realistic goal for your campaign, conduct everything based on research, and brainstorm a clear and simple message that communicates your objectives. Moreover, you must target the people who understand the issue and get in touch with organizations and influencers to endorse your campaign.

In a two-hour training on May 19th 2017 led by Edhie Bawono who has years of experience working with international brands, the consultants from Fortune PR gained insights and knowledge about making a great campaign by watching several campaign videos from many brands around the world. The consultants raised their opinions and questions during the training. They also shared their professional consulting experiences on making a campaign for their previous and on-going clients.

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