17Nov, 2016

One Fine Session with Digital Team

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As a PR practitioner, it is almost a routine to assist your clients in preparing events or conducting campaigns that aim to gather as much attendees or awareness as possible. It is also a PR’s job to measure whether the campaign or event conducted for the company is successful or still need to be improved.

You are now entering a new era of Digital Public Relations where Public Relations continue to evolve, adapting to a world where people trust influencers on social media and Internet. You must stay in tune with emerging digital trends, such as SEO and Google Analytics. This is to make sure you consistently bring new values to clients in creative and strategic ways.

On Monday (October 31st) and Thursday (November 10th), Fortune PR’s digital team organized a training related to the measurement of digital campaign and how to attain great results. Fortune PR and Fortune Indonesia participants had the opportunity to learn from our digital expert, Ana Maratu al-Sholihah.

At the training, participants were shown how several variables could be tracked through digital measurement. These variables include hashtags, online conversation, share of voice keywords, online conversation that replies to a previous post from a brand, shareable action related to URL, web traffic, page speed, session of visitors, and bounce rate; also on how those variables relate to our job as PR practitioners in keeping the messages relevant to the audience as well as maintaining the traffic to our clients’ media property (website, blog or social media channels).

Ana explained the campaign measurement tools that can be used to measure campaigns conducted by numbers of companies and brands. Several tools, such as Google Developers, SEO Centro, Sociobakers, and TweetReach are often used to identify whether the services your brands has given or business features you have made in website and social media are gaining the right attention, and to know how much of your target audience are joining the craze. At the end of the day, participants were given a quiz where they had a chance to guess an estimation of measurement results and win prizes from our expert.

Learning “How to measure effectiveness of your digital campaign/digital assets has broaden the horizon of the participants and helped them to understand better digital communication as well as equipped them with knowledge and understanding in preparing holistic experience campaign to our clients.

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