14Jun, 2011

33 Turkish Companies Offer Collaboration with Indonesian Businessmen

586px-Turkiye.svgJakarta, 2 June 2011 — Thirty three Turkish companies from a variety of businesses will be participating in “Turkish Export Products Fair 2011” at Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Jakarta between 2 and 4 June 2011 from 10:00 to 18:00 hours.

“We plan to promote collaboration between Turkish business community and Indonesian businesses to develop bilateral trade relations between the two countries,” said Zekariye Mete, Chairman of Istanbul Exporters Association (IEA – IIB), an association of export companies based in Turkey.

In a press conference today, Zekariye went on to say, “Turkey and Indonesia were important economic and developing markets in the world and, therefore, trade relations between the countries have huge potential to develop together. Indonesia consists of thousands of islands with a population of around 240 million and it is a huge potential for us.”

Zekariye said, “Indonesia as a country that is developing very rapidly and has a very strategic position in Southeast Asia. In addition, Indonesia and Turkey has good international trade relations and members of the D-8. As members Turkish business community, we are committed to maintain our friendship with Indonesia. This has been indicated by the direct route flights between Turkey and Indonesia of Turkish Airline.”

“We also intend to strengthen the relations between business communities from Turkey with Indonesian businessmen through the exhibition of various export commodities from Turkish that we are offering. It is a privilege for us to be able to meet our partners in Indonesia and hope that this exhibition will be successful and benefit all parties,” added Zekariye.

From foodstuff, baby products to heavy equipment

In collaboration with Turkish Embassy in Indonesia, IEA-IIB organizes Turkish Products Fair 2011″ for the second time to display various products from Turkey, from foodstuff and beverages, various products for babies, heavy equipment and furniture.

“Most of the products offered by us are foodstuff and beverages like wheat, pasta, wheat flour, milk, sugar and chocolate, various soft drinks and health drinks, said Zekariye Mete, Chairman of Istabul Exporters Association (IEA – IIB).

Zekariye hoped that the opportunity to organize the exhibition could be utilized to the maximum by both Indonesian and Turkish business communities to benefit both countries. Zikariye admitted that Turkish wheat flour was very popular in Indonesia and through this exhibition he expected that Indonesian consumers would be able to see the variety and high quality of Turkish wheat flour at competitive prices.

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