14Jul, 2016

Almost All of Indonesian Professionals are Open to Job Opportunities


2016 Talent Trends Study by LinkedIn: More Career Challenges and Advancement for Indonesian Professionals


Jakarta, 14 July 2016 LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network on the internet, released its third edition of the 2016 Talent Trends Study. It revealed that almost all of Indonesian professionals are open to job opportunities. 93% of them are open to new job opportunities and interested to explore further. In a digital economy, social platforms have democratized access to information and opportunities, including jobs. The study analyzed how digital progression has affected talents in Indonesia and the way they are responding to these opportunities.


According to the study, 45% of Indonesians cited the lack of career advancement opportunities as a key driver for leaving their current jobs. At the same time, 37% of them want more challenging work. This signals the growing ambition of the Indonesian professionals to strive for better and more exciting roles to advance their careers. Having said that, they also want to be well recognized and compensated for their contribution. The data showed that 36% of Indonesians shared that their dissatisfaction with compensation and benefits, as well as reward and recognition as the reasons for leaving their jobs.

Table 1: The most common reason why professional in Indonesia leave their job


The study revealed that 59% of professionals in Indonesia are interested to learn more about company culture and values, ahead of perks and benefits (53%) and office location (51%). This implies that candidates prioritize the “software” more than the “hardware”, signaling the desire of Indonesian professionals to focus on long-term development, as well as conducive work environments to bring their careers to the next level.


“LinkedIn Talent Trends study is indicative of the professional maturity of Indonesians – they are hungry for growth and challenges and value strong company culture. These are consistent with the global landscape as the social platforms democratize access to information and opportunities beyond borders,” said Feon Ang, Senior Director of Talent Solutions, Asia-Pacific at LinkedIn, “To attract the best talents in Indonesia, the priority is to have a strong employer brand connecting with the aspirations these dynamic talents. At LinkedIn, we encourage employee advocacy for employees to share stories on culture and values on top of growth opportunities.”


More information on 2016 Talent Trends Study by LinkedIn can be found on LinkedIn Global Talent Trends Report, Indonesia Talent Trends Report and Talent blog.


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