22Jun, 2011

Buzzcity: Step into the future of Mobile-Based Marketing Strategy

Buzz-city-LogoJakarta, 20 June 2011: Buzzcity today releases the report based on the survey of the new trend of mobile technology. Dr. KF Lai, CEO of Buzzcity, a mobile media company, gave explanation on the relevance of mobile and how this might work in your marketing strategy.

Recent advances in mobile technology, have given million of consumers an enticing new array of content and entertainment, a new ways of communicating and sharing information. This has led to an astonishing number of consumers relying on mobile. There are five times as many mobile phones as landlines. Over 96% from billions of handset users have at least a basic web browser and over 94% have a colour screen. The number of phones with a browser capable of rendering an HTML web page eclipses the total number of personal computers worldwide by three times.

According to Buzzcity Mobile Lifestyle Survey, the demand for mobile content is at an all time high with digital contect such as mp3s, videos, ringtones, games and applications, as well as product information on goods and services much sought after by consumers.Digital marketing has become mainstream and a traditional web presence is not enough especially with more consumers adopting mobile in the daily lives. There are actually more active mobile phone subscriptions worldwide than toothbrush owners (5.4 billion vs 4.2 billion). A result from Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has shown that mobile marketing budgets actually increasing by the greatest percentage, 124%, compared to other media.

The MobileSQUARED’S latest report, Key Developments for Mobile Advertising 2011, also states that about one third of advertising agencies expect over 30 per cent of their clients’ campaigns to contain mobile, or an element of mobile, in 2011. Based on all survey facts above, Dr. Lai concludes that mobile is a real opportunity for businesses. Marketers must take a bold step to evolve the strategies and move ahead with the times. “The mobile medium has proven to merchants and brands in reaching the consumers. The future is mobile” said Dr. Lai. For example, Dr. Lai gave some form of marketing strategy recently done by famous brands in India:

a. Brand Interaction. Adidas took advantage of the Cricket World Cup Season last month in India by creating a mobile application that featured score updates, wallpapers featuring cricket stars and information about cricket football gear.

b. Customer acquisition. Chevrolet promoted the launch of two new car models in India (BEAT and SPARK) through a mobile campaign that pushed users to go for test drives and view more product information after registering their details on the mobile site.

c. Various click to action activities. Nike set up a ‘ Support India Campaign’ for India’s cricket team by getting mobile users to click on an animated banner which would enable them to post messages to Team India and share it on their Facebook profiles.

Furthermore, for marketers in creating a successful marketing strategies, Dr. Lai has listed several points to be considered:

1. Audience. The target audience is predominantly male, 86% aged between 18-45 years and not a teenager. They are digitally savvy, and immersed in all form of popular culture – TV, music, film and fashion. They are adults facing a number of crucial life milestones, from changing jobs, to buying a home car, to starting a family.

2. User Experience. The user experience is important. They are in a variety of modes when using their mobile such as waiting (time-wasting/browsing), commuting (seeking entertainment and diversion), communicating (chatting or interacting with social media), or they are looking for something (maps, reference, phone numbers, contact details, etc).

3. Scale. In the first quarter of 2011, more than 23 billion ad banners were delivered across Buzzcity entire global network. Client can visit Buzzcity campaign planner to get information and plan budgets more effectively for their mobile marketing strategy.

4. Integration will pay off. A phone is always in the consumers hands and always on. Therefore it is important to give mobile ad more priority in the campaign from day one.

5. Test, test, and test. It is a good to test several version of ad banner in order to ensure the best message that the market will respond to. Suggestion from Dr KF Lai, that advertisers not stuck with one version of the creative. A good thing to running multiple versions of a campaign, since it will not have any impact on the media cost as the advertisers can still set a daily advertising cap.

6. Use both banner and text ads. “When advertisers start out with text ads or graphic banners, they halve their potential reach. It’s time to double the exposure by using both banner and text ads” says Dr. Lai.

7. Analysis. It is important for advertisers to understand how the campaign has performed as well as how they can optimise the campaign for future success.

About BuzzCity

BuzzCity is a mobile media company offering brand owners and agencies access to a global advertising network on the mobile internet. The network is made up of publishers from across the world and BuzzCity’s own mobile media properties. As a leading international player, BuzzCity has developed in-depth knowledge of the mobile consumer and provides marketers with clear opportunities to reach this audience via its advertising and publisher programmes.

Additional information can be found at www.buzzcity.com.

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