04Aug, 2017

Can Social Media Produce ROI? The Answer is…

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By: Lydia Rachmawati Zein – PR Consultant of Fortune PR


“The answer is yes! Social media can produce Return on Investment (ROI). Social media has been a game-changer in the field of communications. Using ROI or the sum of all social media actions that create value, will help you learn what’s successful, what isn’t, and how you can improve from your social media campaign. Measuring the ROI of your social media will help you answer a few questions: what kind of things did your target audience do after getting an exposure of your campaign? Did these actions align with your goals? Where did they fall short? How can they be improved for next time? The ROI of social media is what your boss and clients ultimately want to know. Therefore, measuring your social media ROI is important because changes the perception of social within your organization, shows the potential impact social can have across multiple departments outside of marketing, let you discover where your efforts and resources are being used most effectively, allows you to adjust tactics in areas where efforts and resources aren’t being used effectively. Lastly, it helps you better understand audiences’ perceptions, preferences, conversations, and motivations.”

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