02Jul, 2015

Cinemaxx Announces The Arrival Of Cinemaxx Maxx Box Lippo Village, The Most Complete And Interactive Cinema Complex

Ultra-XD-Maxxbox-LV-2smallKarawaci, July 1st 2015 –PT Cinemaxx Global Pasifik (Cinemaxx), a cinema chain affiliated with Lippo Group, proudly announces today the Soft Opening of11th Cinemaxx at MAXX BOX Lippo Village. This Cinemaxx flagship is the only cinema in Indonesia which is equipped with newly minted Ultra XD, enhanced by the presence of immersive corridor displaying movie trailers, animation, and movie playing schedule. Not only that, Maxx Box Lippo Village also introduces the largest and most interactive area in Indonesia, called Cinemaxx Hyperstation.
This Cinemaxx theater is located at Jl. Boulevard Palem Raya, Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang. At Cinemaxx Maxx Box Lippo Village, Cinemaxx entertains its patrons with the biggest and most interactive area – also the first in Indonesia – called Hyperstation. With its enormous size, Hyperstation offers a direct chance to patrons to interact and feel its difference by accessing multiple exciting features in Hyperstation. At first phase, patrons can obtain information, such as movie schedule, trailers, and ongoing promotion at Cinemaxx. In addition, on the next phase, patrons can play games and access other interactive activities through Hyperstation. Hyperstation is presented by Cinemaxx to display its commitment in presenting Big Picture, Big Sound and Maxximum Movie Experience. Hyperstation is expected to increase patrons’ interactivity while also enriching patrons’ movie-going experience.

Inside Cinemaxx Maxx Box Lippo Village, there are 9 screens, consisting of 5 regular screens, 2 Cinemaxx Gold screens, and 2 Ultra XD screens. All screens come in 2D and 3D digital format.

Cinemaxx Maxx Box Lippo Village is build in 2 phases. At first phase, Cinemaxx Maxx Box Lippo Village is equipped with several other supporting facilities to enhance movie-watching experience, such as:

  • 2 Ultra XD Cinema Screens

Ultra-XD-Maxxbox-LV-1smallXD cinema offers a unique watching experience. Ultra XD auditorium possesses giant, top-of-the-line technology whose area is equivalent to 370 55” LCD screens, equipped with Dolby Atmos audio and Dual Digital Projection for the projection system. Besides, Ultra XD is also equipped with comfortable seating facility and adjusted geometrical space, offering maximum movie-watching experience. Cinemaxx Maxx Box Lippo Village is the only theater in Indonesia which has 2 Ultra XD screens with total capacity of almost 1,000 seats.

  • Cinemaxx Gold, enhanced VIP watching experience

Aside from watching worldwide box office movies, patrons can also enjoy upscale dishes; starting from snacks and appetizer, main course, to delicious desserts delivered to the patrons’ seat. Cinemaxx Gold patrons are indulged with premium genuine leather seats which have twin-motor recliners, where patrons can adjust their seating position, similar with premium sofas in general, only with a single button touch. Every Cinemaxx Gold seats is equipped with pillow and blanket. Slightly different with other Cinemaxx Gold, Cinemaxx Gold Maxx Box Lippo Village come with a rotateable desk, USB port charger, and special menus.

  • Maxx Games

Want to experience adrenaline rush while waiting for the movie to start? Maxx Games is here to provide entertainment with its collection of up-to-date arcade games.

Lobby-2-small-watermarkCinemaxx Maxx Box Lippo Village is the most comprehensive movie complex in Indonesia. Unlike any other Cinemaxx sites, Cinemaxx Maxx Box Lippo Village is a destination cinema; the most complete, integrated, also the only one in Indonesia which has Hyperstation area and Immersive Corridor”, Infany Suryadji, Cinemaxx Marketing Head, elaborated. “Providing excitement and unique movie-watching sensation compared to other Cinemaxx locations, not to mention equipped with complete technologies and facilities, Cinemaxx Maxx Box Lippo Village is a place where excitement never ends!”, Infany continued.
At the time of writing, Cinemaxx has 60 digital screens spread across several cities: Cinemaxx Plaza Semanggi Jakarta,Cinemaxx FX Sudirman Jakarta, Cinemaxx Palembang Icon, Cinemaxx Ponorogo City Center,Cinemaxx Lippo Mall Kuta, Cinemaxx Kairagi Lippo Plaza Manado, Cinemaxx Sun Plaza Medan, Cinemaxx Lippo Plaza Medan, Cinemaxx Maxx Box Orange County, Cinemaxx Lippo Plaza Jogja, andMaxx Box Lippo Village which is officially opened as of today. Cinemaxxwill open cinemas in new cities all around Indonesia as part of its commitment to satisfy the needs of avid moviegoers of cinema presence in their respective areas.

About Cinemaxx

Lobby-1-small-watermarkCinemaxx is a cinema chain company affiliated with Lippo Group, one of the biggest private companies in Indonesia which has engaged in various industries, such as consumer and retail.

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