22Nov, 2012

Citilink is Back with Citilink Travel Fair Celebration

Citilink_new_logoJakarta, November 14th 2012 – Citilink, the subsidiary company of PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk., for low cost carrier service (LCC), is back with Citilink Travel Fair, the annual tourism exhibition held since 2011. This year, Citilink Travel Fair will be held in two cities in a row, Surabaya on November 14th to 18th 2012 at Tunjungan Plaza III, 5th floor, and Batam on November 16th to 18th 2012 at Nagoya Hill Super Block Shopping Street. After previously reaping more than 3 million visitors with total 2,000 travel tickets sold on July 2011, it is the second Citilink Travel Fair organized in Surabaya and is held for 5 days straight.

Citilink has now served 16 roundtrip flight routes divided into 88 frequencies to various cities in Indonesia daily. On this CTF, Citilink will give out promotional fares for some fight routes accessible from Surabaya and Batam. Tickets for flights from Surabaya are offered starting from Rp 186.000,- for Surabaya – Banjarmasin routes (4 times a day), starting from Rp 230.500,- for Surabaya – Denpasar (5 times a day), starting from Rp 252.500,- for Surabaya – Lombok (2 times a day), starting from Rp 280.500,- for Surabaya – Balikpapan (5 times a day), starting from Rp 2324.000,- for Surabaya – Makassar (3 times a day), and starting dari Rp 324.000,- for Jakarta – Surabaya (7 times a day).

Citilink flights tickets departing from Batam are offered starting from Rp 230.500 for Batam – Padang (1 time a day) route, starting from Rp 313.000,- for Batam – Medan (2 times a day), and starting from Rp 324.000,- for Batam – Jakarta (2 times a day).

“Citilink Travel Fair is our annual event that is intended to simplify the process of purchasing tickets for for Citilink potential passengers, along with their special price,” said Aristo Kristandyo, VP Marketing & Communications PT. Citilink Indonesia. This promotional fare is especially offered in CTF starting from its net prices that include tax and insurance, and cannot be purchased through website or call centers but directly during the event instead. Customers are encouraged to read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing any ticket.

“On this year’s Citilink Travel Fair, we believe that we can gain even more visitors and more ticket sales. If initially we had to struggle to introduce Citilink’s service, now we have enough faith that our brand is quite popular among customers who have enjoyed our service. This will attract more people to get their hands on Citilink’s tickets,” Aristo revealed.


About Citilink

Citilink is a subsidiary company of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk., that serves the low cost carrier market. Citilink provides domestic flights adopting world-class LCC practices. Based in Jakarta and Surabaya, Citilink serves 88 flight frequencies daily from Jakarta and Surabaya to Batam, Banjarmasin, Denpasar, Balikpapan, Medan, Padang, Ujungpandang, and Lombok. For further information about Citilink please visit www.citilink.co.id and Citilink fanpage on Facebook (Citilink) and Twitter (@citilink).

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