04Oct, 2012

Citilink Spreads Out Its Wings to Three New Routes

Citilink_new_logoJakarta, October 3rd 2012 Citilink, Strategic Business Unit (SBU) from PT. Garuda Indonesia, Tbk, for low-cost carrier service (LCC), expands its wings even wider by opening 3 new flight routes this month. The 3 routes are Batam – Padang round trip, Batam – Surabaya round trip each once a day, and Bandung-Denpasar round trip twice a day. For Batam – Padang route, tickets are sold starting from Rp 230,000 for one way, Batam – Surabaya route starting from Rp 415,000 of price for one way, and  Denpasar-Bandung Rp 290,000 one way.

Batam is one of the cities with the fastest-growing population in Indonesia. In the last 40 years, citizens of Batam have multiplied 158 times. Batam also has gained the status as Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus (KEK) or Special Economy Zone. This is a strategic city to be reached by air routes from various cities in Indonesia and even neighbouring countries from Hang Nadim airport. For that reason, Citilink has opened two new routes from and to Batam, namely from Padang to Batam and Surabaya to Batam in direct flight.

The next targeted city for Citilink’s new routes is Padang. Padang has become one of the centers of economic activities due to its highest gross domestic product in West Sumatera province. Additionally, Padang is also the center of education and healthcare, since the city has more universities and healthcare facilities compared to any other city or residence in West Sumatera. All of these are taken into Citilink’s consideration when it opened the roundtrip route for Batam – Padang, so that the public will be able to get the best of point to point flight system offered by Citilink. Citizens of Padang can travel to Singapore through Batam, and Padang citizens that have business-related affairs in Surabaya will be more facilitated with the presence of this route.

“Citilink has intended to open flights to mature and qualified routes market-wise. Public demands for flight routes to said cities are quite high,” said Arif Wibowo,  CEO PT. Citilink Indonesia. With the addition of these three new routes, Citilink wished to participate in rising the investment and economic situation in said cities.”

Besides the new route to Batam, starting from October 6th, Ctilink also opens a new route for Bandung – Denpasar flight round trip twice a day. Bandung is the well-known tourism city for both domestic and international tourists. Bandung also held many interesting national or international-scale events. The great interest from Indonesian and international people towards this city and all of its attractions encourage Citilink to present its service to the citizens of Bandung.

Currently Citilink has served 78 daily frequencies to various important cities in Indonesia. In the future, Citilink will continue opening new routes to other cities. “Our target by the end of 2012 is to operate 137 flight frequencies daily. This is Citilink’s commitment to increase its service for Indonesian customers,” said Arif Wibowo.

As a further evidence of Citilink’s success in boosting its service commitment to the customers, the company has achieved multiple awards, namely Indonesia Travel and Tourism Foundation for Leading Low Cost Airline 2011/2012 category, Best Overall Marketing Campaign category in The Budgies and Travel Awards 2012 and the latest one, Service To Care Award 2012 for Airlines category from Markplus Insight.

About Citilink

Citilink is a strategic business unit of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. that serves the low cost carrier market.  Citilink provides domestic flights adopting world-class LCC practices.  Based in Jakarta and Surabaya, Citilink serves 8 routes from Jakarta and Surabaya to Batam, Banjarmasin, Denpasar, Balikpapan, Medan and Ujungpandang. For further information about Citilink visit www.citilink.co.id and Citilink fanpage on Facebook (Citilink) and Twitter (@citilink).

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