19Jun, 2013

D-Link Auto Surveillance VLAN: A Quick and Easy Way to Set Up an IP Surveillance System

Create a manageable, reliable surveillance network automatically

Jakarta, 18 April 2013 — D-Link International Pte Ltd, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of networking products today introduced the Auto Surveillance VLAN (ASV) – a breakthrough surveillance technology that addresses the issue of how to separate data and video in a single network deployment, normally a LAN (Local Area Network). It is embedded into selected D-Link switches that allow you to easily add a reliable IP surveillance network to an existing data network. This allows you to create a hybrid network that is capable of handling both data and surveillance traffic, saving you the costs of deploying and maintaining a separate network for surveillance traffic only.

“Creating a reliable surveillance system can be a challenging task. Adding surveillance to an existing network can be problematic; periods of heavy network traffic, such as during mass data transfers or a broadcast storm, can cause your surveillance video feeds to freeze, skip frames, or even drop out completely,” said Mr Jonathan Quek, Product Marketing Director, D-Link International Pte Ltd. “You could create a completely separate network for surveillance traffic, but this can be very expensive, as this requires extra hardware and installation of new cables, as well as additional operating and maintenance costs. Now D-Link Web Smart III Switches can solve all these problem with Auto Surveillance VLAN.”

Auto Surveillance VLAN allows quick, easy, and automatic creation of a reliable hybrid network that can handle both data and surveillance traffic. By detecting connected D-Link surveillance equipment such as IP cameras and NVRs, it automatically creates a separate VLAN for surveillance traffic and sets Quality of Service (QoS) for that traffic to high-priority. This allows your surveillance traffic to be secure, and ensures that surveillance video continues to stream smoothly and reliably, even during periods of heavy data traffic. Doing this normally requires you to manually configure each setting and add each device to your network one by one, whereas Auto Surveillance VLAN makes this process automatic and configuration-free.

With D-Link’s Auto Surveillance VLAN, you can create a hybrid network easily:

  • D-Link surveillance equipment is automatically detected
  • A VLAN is created for your surveillance traffic automatically
  • Your D-Link surveillance equipment is automatically added to the VLAN
  • QoS for surveillance VLAN traffic is automatically set to high-priority
  • Adding additional surveillance cameras is simple – simply connect them to your network and they will be automatically added to your surveillance VLAN

Why D-Link
The difficulty of the challenge is in dealing with a multiple vendor environment. In most cases, manufacturers who focus on network devices are unfamiliar with the newly emerging network surveillance industry. Furthermore, purely surveillance manufacturers who focus on their core competencies with surveillance products may find it difficult to find an appropriate network solution from the vast range of network devices. The solution to this challenge ultimately will have to come from a manufacturer who is capable of designing and delivering products that can address all aspects of a network surveillance solution. D-Link is a manufacturer of both networking and surveillance solutions, understands the challenges customers face when dealing with network surveillance, and has developed Auto Surveillance VLAN as a result. ASV offers substantial cost and time savings, whether used for an analog conversion project or to simply build onto existing IT infrastructure. With ASV, there is no need for manual VLAN configuration or day-to-day configuration of your surveillance solution.

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