10Dec, 2015

F5 Networks announces availability of Web Fraud Protection solutions to meet growing security needs of customers in Asia Pacific

F5 Networks announces availability of Web Fraud Protection solutions to meet growing security needs of customers in Asia PacificWebSafe™ and MobileSafe™ secure financial and e-commerce apps and mobile apps against sophisticated fraudulent threats and retain the most important asset in business – customer confidence

 Jakarta, 10 December 2015 F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV) today announced that it has expanded its security portfolio with the availability of F5® WebSafe™ and MobileSafe™ in Asia Pacific. Customers in Financial Services, e-retail and other sectors now have access to F5’s web fraud protection solutions, part of the company’s commitment to provide application security and application protection in today’s hybrid environments.

The presence of more avenues for attack means that cybercriminals have more options when it comes to stealing credentials and data. F5 Web Fraud Protection offers fast deployment by reducing time-to production to quickly set up an anti-fraud profile and enable quick configuration, while keeping the end user experience simple and seamless without involving customers in the process. Network or security specialists can tune the solution within hours instead of days, and carry out installation updates within minutes instead of hours, with zero downtime.

 Protecting businesses and their customers from online fraud

WebSafe enables companies to protect their online customers from a broad range of web-based malware and online fraud that specifically target web application users. By applying a variety of identification techniques to recognize web fraud, attempted automated transfers and other malware patterns, the advanced capabilities of the solutions detect, alert and protect against generic and client-side targeted malware, phishing attacks and other fraudulent activities, greatly reducing identity theft, account takeovers and fraudulent transactions.

Key features

  • Malware and fraud detection: draws out persistent variations of Zeus, Citadel, Dyre, Carberp, and other sophisticated client-side malware, and identifies infected users, helping organizations to not only understand the full scope of threats but also ensure protection. Website owners can identify and protect against financial malware, MITB, zero- day fraud, and other fraudulent online activities.
  • Advanced and pre-emptive phishing and pharming detection: help organizations to identify attacks before the presence of mass emails are communicated. This feature helps detect and alert the fraud team when a phishing site has been loaded to a spoofed domain, identifies the attacker and referrer, as well as other critical details, and reports this back to the organization.
  • Device and behavior analysis: identify and prevent automated payments and money transfers initiated by malware or bots by assessing a variety of device-specific and behavioral variables, which together, are designed to distinguish human users from automated scripts or bots. This feature uniquely enables fraud detection and protection without making modifications to applications or client-side installations, and without changing the user experience or introducing complexities into application code.

 Protecting mobile device users from online fraud

MobileSafe enables financial organizations to neutralize local threats found on users’ mobile devices, without altering the user experience in any way. Deployed as a standalone or in combination with WebSafe for more comprehensive protection, MobileSafe eliminates mobile-based identity theft and thwarts attacks by preventing mobile phishing, Trojan, and pharming attacks in real time. It guards mobile application use in real-time, securing information and credentials while preventing identity theft and account takeovers.

 Key features

  • Client-side mobile threat protection: provides a toolbox of capabilities that prevent man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks, DNS spoofing, and certificate forging. Detecting a wide range of mobile device-based malware variants for all device types including the most prominent iOS or Android devices, this feature identifies unauthorized mobile application modifications and includes ongoing expert malware research and analysis services to respond more effectively to cybercrime.
  • Rooted/Jailbroken device detection: executes and provides alerts on a variety of checks on end-user devices to expose rooted devices, adjusting the safety score for transactions originating from at-risk mobile devices to thwart Zeus, Citadel, and other malware families that are easily integrated into cracked applications and used to obtain the victim’s OTP, redirect SMS messages, and log information submitted by customers.

F5 Web Fraud Protection solution is supported by F5’s Security Operation Centers, where global security experts work closely with law enforcement in several countries to monitor and investigate attacks throughout the world. Dashboards ensure real-time alerts and round the clock visibility.

 “At F5, we are well aware that the security requirements of organisations are increasingly complex, and continues be to a key focus for many organisations. With the availability of WebSafe and MobileSafe in Asia Pacific, organisations have the visibility and control to ensure sensitive information are safely kept within the organization,” said Emmanuel Bonnaisse, senior vice president for Asia Pacific, F5 Networks.

About F5 Networks

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