10Jan, 2014

Fortune PR Appointed New Managing Director

Ati_MuchtarJAKARTA, 9 January 2014 – After being driven by Indira Abidin for eight years, Fortune PR has now changed captain. Ati Muchtar, previously serving as Business Group Director, has been officially appointed as the new Managing Director of Fortune PR replacing Indira starting from December 1, 2013. With her new position, Ati is responsible directly to Indira, who is now serving as the CEO. Founder and previous CEO Miranty Abidin is now serves in the advisory board.

Although public relation is not her background, Ati is believed to add a touch of different ‘colors’ in Fortune PR. Prior to joining Fortune PR, Ati has long been involved as a leader in a number of advertising agencies. With more than 20 years of experience handling hundreds of communications campaigns from dozens of  leading companies in the country, Ati is believed to be able to raise the quality of Fortune PR to a higher level by combining PR and her advertising background through the development of PR strategies into richer and more creative ones, both in terms of concept, implementation, and standard servicing.

Ati also explained that the prioritized program she will execute is to strengthen the internal quality of Fortune PR. This is done because Indonesia is soon facing the era of open market by 2015. “This year, with the increasingly heated political climate ahead of the election, we will give priority to reform the human capital development aspects in order that Fortune PR is ready to compete in the era of open market by 2015,” explained the woman who studied Business Administration in Management Science program of the International University of Europe School of Business in Watford, London.

“Fortune PR has become a leader in PR world since led by Indira. Now I am just continuing the existing vision, which is to make Fortune PR a spotlighted global communications network,” said Ati.

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