12Oct, 2016

Hankook Tire Named DJSI World for the First Time

Hankook Tire Named DJSI World for the First Time-Theprtalk.com public relations

Hankook Tire selected as one of the most sustainable tire companies in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Indices for the first time

The achievement highlights Hankook Tire’s commitment to Supplier Chain Management, Climate Strategy and Occupational Health and Safety

October 12, 2016 (Seoul, Korea) – Hankook Tire announced that the company has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Indices (DJSI World)for the first time. Hankook Tire is ranked as one of the most outstanding companies in the Auto Components Sector, especially scoring high marks in the areas of Supplier Chain Management, Climate Strategy and Occupational Health and Safety, that proved the company’s sustainability in economic, social and environmental competitiveness on a global scale.


As a responsible corporate entity, Hankook Tire established Integrated CSR Management System in order to promote its multiple corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. The CSR Management System is the core of Hankook Tire’s CSR commitments, consisted of Strategy Committee, where CEO and top management discuss directions of sustainable business strategy, and Steering committee, which is comprised of eight committees that carry out sustainable business operation. The committees include Product Environment Committee, EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) Committee, Energy & GHG (Green House Gas) Committee, Employee Committee, Ethics Management Committee, Compliance Committee, Corporate Philanthropy Committee as well as Supplier Committee.


Along with the committees, Hankook Tire also leads various CSR activities including social welfare organization support, scholarship programs, medical welfare and employee volunteer programs through Hankook Tire Welfare Foundation. In 2013, Hankook Tire launched a company-wide employee volunteer group, the Donggeurami Volunteer Team, to engage more employees in volunteer activities. The Donggeurami Volunteer Team will further expand to directly interact with local communities neighboring the company’s facilities. In 2015, Hankook Donggeurami Partners was launched to contribute to job creations for the physically challenged. In line with UN’s Sustainable Development Knowledge goals, Hankook Tire also plans to fulfill its social responsibilities, tackling four key issues such as gender equality and women’s empowerment, inequality, climate change and economic growth.


“Selected as one of the top rankers in the DJSI World 2016, Hankook Tire once again proved that the company has achieved both quantitative and qualitative success,” said Mr. Seung Hwa Suh, Vice Chairman and CEO of Hankook Tire. He added, “Hankook Tire’s ceaseless efforts will continue with sustainable business operation as well as business ethics to balance economic, social, and environmental values integrating effective CSR programs to create a better future for all.”


The DJSI, launched in 1999, is the first global index to track financial, environmental, and social influence of global top 2,500 companies in terms of market capitalization, and is a joint product of S&P Dow Jones Indices and Robeco SAM.

The DJSI is composed of sustainability leaders in each industry group as identified through a corporate sustainability assessment.


Since its induction to the Korean chapter in 2011 and consequent inclusion to Asia Pacific Indices in 2013, Hankook Tire’s achievements have been recognized as one of the top companies among approximately 2,500 listed companies in the world by DSJI. Evaluated in the three categories of economy, society and environment, Hankook Tire’s achievement is based on its commitment to balanced growth via environmental management, social contribution, sound and responsible governance.


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