06Sep, 2016

High Commitment to the Clean Water Access, Hankook Tire Indonesia Distributes 24,000 Liters of Clean Water to Bekasi Citizen


The company provides 24,000 liters of clean water per day for 3 consecutive months to Bekasi Regency communities who have difficulties in accessing clean water

Clean water is distributed free to help in improving health and sanitation nearby the Hankook Tire plant area

Jakarta, September 6, 2016 – The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) in 2012 reported that Indonesia has the worst ratings in the access of clean water and proper consumption in Southeast Asia. Particularly, LIPI mentioned that Java is the island with the largest clean water deficit, i.e -134,102 million m3 annually. This is because the amount of clean water needs exceeds its availability. Therefore, the government is targeting in the next 5 years, there will be an increase of 40 percent in adequate sanitation and 30 percent of safe drinking water access towards Universal Access program in which one of them is to open the 60% of piped clean water access by 2019.

Seeing this condition and to support the government’s efforts to improve clean water access to the community, Hankook Tire Indonesia, as the leading tire manufacturer in the world, helps the community in Bekasi by providing free clean water since August 2016 to the surrounding areas nearby Hankook Tire plant operates.

The clean water distribution program is a commitment of Hankook Tire Indonesia to boost the public health and sanitation in the plant surrounding areas. The program is also included as one of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) agenda of Hankook Tire Indonesia plant which will be held for three consecutive months up to October 2016. “Through this clean water distribution program, Hankook Tire Indonesia wants to help local communities around Bekasi District to overcome the clean water crisis and improve the sanitation and health of their families. We will distribute at least 24,000 liters of clean water per day to reduce the burden on society in buying clean water,” said Mr. Hyon Young Seop, Senior Manager of Corporate Management Team Hankook Tire Indonesia.

The company targets the allocation of clean water to almost every district of Bekasi, particularly Cikarang Pusat, Serang Baru, Cibarusah, Bojongmanggu, and surrounding areas. People in these areas cannot utilize the well so that most of them still experiencing the lack of clean water during the rainy season and are likely to buy water for their daily needs. With the help of clean water, people can have clean water for free using jerry cans from clean water tank cars delivered by the volunteer team from Hankook Tire Indonesia plant employees.

“We hope that people around Bekasi district can improve the health of their families with the clean water access from Hankook Tire Indonesia,” Mr. Hyon added.

Hankook Tire Indonesia plant in Cikarang, Bekasi is 1 (one) of the 8 (eight) global Hankook plants scattered throughout the world, including Tennessee plant that will start operating this year. Since being operated from 2013, Hankook Cikarang plant has became an export base of Hankook tires for the European region, and, on the other hand, often conducts CSR programs as the form of corporate concern towards the plant’s surrounding environment.

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