17Oct, 2013

Indonesia Welcomes OPPO N1, The World’s First Smartphone with Rotating Camera and Rear Touch Panel

The phone sets new trend and standard in the smartphone world with its astonishing features from user demands, such as rotating camera, Color OS, O-touch & O-Click remote control

Jakarta, 16th October 2013 – PT. Indonesia OPPO Electronics, today announced the availability of its brand new flagship phone: the OPPO N1. Indonesia is the second country hosting the grand launching of this cutting edge smartphone globally. The grand launch event was held at the Grand Ballroom, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Pacific Place with more than 1,500 attendees.

“Indonesia is an amazing country, because the people has always been very enthusiastic about our product launch. We got an overwhelming response when we launched the Full HD smartphone Find 5 back in April. This is one of the reason why OPPO Indonesia team is very passionate about bringing these new innovations to the market here as soon as possible,” said Jet Lee, CEO of PT. Indonesia OPPO Electronics.

Cutting Edge Smartphone Technology

CameraThe OPPO N1 is the latest technology breakthrough, its unique features makes it stand out from the competition among all giant brands. N1 is the world’s first smartphone with

rotating camera. The swivel camera packs 13-megapixels resolution sensor that will capture the world through a 6-element lens with an f/2.0 aperture and OPPO Pure Image technology. In low light, the sensor will be assisted by dual LED flash that are “brightness tunable” for ideal lighting, and the phone is capable of delivering rich visuals on its “immersive” 5.9-inch Full HD display.

The camera on the N1 is designed to be able to be rotated within the best angle range of 206o which means that extreme angled shots are possible, and the technology opens up new picture composition possibilities.

There would be amazing new experience in taking self-portrait photo and controlling the 5,9 inch smartphone, because N1 gives you a radical new way to interact with the device. The O-touch panel on the backside is activated with a simple touch of your finger and can recognize gestures. This feature works for taking picture, browsing, reading and playing music.

A keychain-friendly O-Click remote caters for off-device operation and control, including things like remote camera operation. It connects wirelessly to the smartphone via Bluetooth, and can even set on an alarm sound connection on the phone and O-Click to help you find a misplaced N1 or O-Click. The alarm will be triggered automatically if your phone is moved outside 15 meters area. The addition of OPPO O-Click wireless remote control makes it easy to operate the N1 unit from a distance, which will be quite practical and useful for taking group pictures. Therefore, N1 user have more methods to take photo besides by voice and finger gestures.

“OPPO is committed to provide the best quality products to serve the smartphone market, and we are also a company with open attitude. This is why we created Color OS, the exclusive Operating System for N1 based on Android, with over 400 unique design improvements and 37 unique patents in the OS for highly improved usability and artistic look,” said Jet Lee.

Color OS has a lot of unique features, for example, by drawing on the screen with one finger, you can turn on the phone, camera, facebook, or any application you use most often, if you want to control the volume, you can scroll down or up by using two fingers. If you want to capture the screen, you can just scroll down three fingers on the screen.

Relentless Research & Development

StandThe N1 is a testament of OPPO’s superior manufacturing and R&D efforts. More than 1,500 engineers were involved in the research and development process to create the brand new smartphone. These engineers managed to produce 200 patent applications every month for technology innovations, and puts OPPO among the 10 most productive companies in terms of technology innovations.

“To manufacture a smartphone, typically we did a 9-12 months research period. For N1, OPPO spent almost 18 months of R&D process. We manufactured some parts of the phone in-house. Before hitting the shelves, the units must undergo several tests, such as temperature, humidity, and weather conditions.” said Sky, Assistant General Manager, Director of OPPO Cellular Export Division.

Venus, OPPO Product Manager said, “Through our manufacturing process, we are able to produce around 350,000 units of smartphone every month.”

Expanding The Business in Indonesia

Picture_3_853x1280OPPO has been enjoying a stable and sustainable growth in Indonesia, and as a result, the business has also grown significantly for the last 6 months. As of now, OPPO Indonesia Electronic houses approximately 1,000 employees.

“We expect stronger performance in the near future, with the amazing new technologies, and more strategic partnerships that our team brought to the Indonesian market,” said Jet Lee.

About OPPO

OPPO is an international technology brand committed to designing beautiful technology products with an open attitude. Seeking to fuse technology and affection in all products, OPPO has been restless in the pursuit of the latest technology, the highest hardware quality standards and to delivering the element of positive surprise. For more information, please visit http://www.oppomobile.co.id




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