24Oct, 2013

LinkedIn’s New Apps Reflect Mobile Strategy Shift

LinkedIn_LogoOver the past year LinkedIn has iterated and improved its mobile app offerings, building upon a fresh new look that emphasizes content and personalization features across all platforms. Last night, during an event in San Francisco, LinkedIn unveiled three new mobile experiences:

  • Refreshed LinkedIn app for iPad: A more personalized and content-rich tablet experience, completely re-imagined for the iPad use case.
  • Announcing LinkedIn Intro: Easy access to valuable business insights, right inside the Apple Mail app.
  • New Pulse experience: LinkedIn also previewed a completely integrated Pulse and LinkedIn experience, personalized around the professional news and topics that matter most to each member. The new Pulse experience will be available in the App store very soon.

A replay of the event is available here, and all press assets for LinkedIn mobile products can be found here.

For reference, here are some relevant stats and app download links:

Overarching Mobile stats:

  • In the third quarter of 2013, mobile accounted for 38% of unique visiting members
  • In some markets it has eclipsed 50%
  • And members who use LinkedIn on mobile and desktop are 2.5x more active than those that use desktop only
  • 50% of sponsored update revenue generated thru mobile after first quarter
  • Mobile platform is the fastest growing consumer service at LinkedIn
  • More than 10 people searches are done every second from mobile phone devices
  • Over 124 LinkedIn Profiles are viewed every second from mobile phone devices
  • More than 30 percent of LinkedIn job views come from mobile and half of members who’ve applied via mobile for jobs posted on LinkedIn have never applied from their desktop.

Percentage of unique visiting members coming through from mobile by quarter:

Q1-2011       8%

Q2-2011     10%

Q3-2011     13%

Q4-2012     15%

Q1-2012     19%

Q2-2012     21%

Q3-2012     25%

Q4-2012     27%

Q1-2013     30%

Q2-2013     33%

Q3-2013     38%

Consumer survey stats: US data

  • According to the LinkedIn study, seventy-two percent of people in the United States watch or read the news via a mobile device
  • Fifty-three percent of people in the United States, ages 18-34, have searched for a new job or communicated with a potential employer on a mobile device while at work
  • Eighty percent of people in the United States believe their mobile devices enable them to stay fully connected to their work and professional networks

LinkedIn app for iPad Stats

  • iPad usage is highest in the evening, peaking around 9 pm
  • 1 in 10 LinkedIn members are coming in through a tablet device every week

Pulse Stats

  • The existing Pulse apps have more than 30 million activations to date on iOS and Android.
  • 300 million stories read per month on Pulse

LinkedIn Intro Stats

  • Email is the number one activity on smartphones: ahead of games, web browsing, and social networking. (Source: International Data Corporation study)
  • We spend an average of 28 percent of our workdays in email. (McKinsey study)
  • The fastest growing email platform is mobile: four years ago, less than four of all emails were read on mobile devices, today 48 percent of emails are read on mobile devices. (Source: Litmus (they do email analytics))
  • Sixty-one percent of US adults do email on their smartphone every single day. (Source: Pew Research)

New apps are available for download here:

For more information, check out the LinkedIn Blog post here.

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